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July 11, 2023


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case study

Multi-site access control added at North Lincolnshire academy trust

Paxton installs access control to a North Lincolnshire academy school, with Paxton10, which combines access control and video management.

The St Lawrence Academy is a school for 11 to 16-year-olds, located in North Lincolnshire, UK.

The school is reportedly undergoing an expansion, needing an access control system that would provide an ‘extra level’ of security for their pupils and staff, and could add new buildings and users to the system as the school grows.

The main requirements, according to Paxton, were to be able to access the system remotely, the ability to administrate multiple sites with varying groups of users, and that it has the potential to be integrated with other products and systems to maximise functionality.

Ashely Woodward, Project Manager at Advanced IT Services, said: “Paxton is our go-to product for any of our client’s access control requirements. We usually introduce Net2 for our education clients, however as this client is beginning the journey of becoming a MAT, we suggested that the rollout of Paxton10 would provide a good opportunity.”

The combined system has an online user-interface which is designed to allow administrators to access the system from ‘any’ device with an internet connection, making it easier to manage and monitor the security of a site.

Paxton10 was also reportedly installed across 30 doors with 166 managed users. The system, according to the firm, successfully isolates the Trust offices on site from the main school buildings and manages pupil access, creating a secure area. In addition, if any pupil is late to class or absent, system administrators are said to get notifications and the pastoral teams can act quickly to check on emergency or pupil safety.

“System users can be trained easily”

Ashely added: “Paxton10 presents an exciting opportunity for both our client and us. The modern and user-friendly web interface allows administrators to manage sites with ease. The system is simple to use, which means system users can be trained easily.

The Paxton10 system provides for a multi-site feature, allowing expansion to the system if more schools join the trust.

Ashely explains: “The Paxton server is located within our own internal Data Centre, which means adding additional sites to the system can be done with ease and speed; without the need for VPN access.”

“Over the next few months, we will be installing a Bodet tannoy system across the site, which will be fully integrated to the Paxton10 system. This will allow a button press to announce a lockdown, and lock all doors associated simultaneously.”


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