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September 26, 2018

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Vanderbilt SMS is integrated with Allegion’s Von Duprin remote undogging (RU) and monitoring (RM) options

Vanderbilt, the developer of video, access control and intrusion systems, has integrated Vanderbilt SMS with Allegion’s Von Duprin remote undogging (RU) and remote monitoring (RM) options.

The integration means Vanderbilt’s SMS can now extend to secondary doors in a variety of markets, including enterprise, schools and university facilities.

Allegion Von Duprin RU offers an electronic override of mechanical dogging for emergency facility lockdown and includes sensors for monitoring.

The RM option is a sensor-only configuration for exit-only or fire-rated doors that require monitoring and greater visibility. In the event of an emergency users can now remotely monitor and lock down secondary perimeter doors by simply pressing a button.

“Access control is a central concern for today’s enterprises as they formulate comprehensive plans for the safety of employees, visitors and assets,” said Yong Lacy, Allegion US category leader for openings.

“Allegion developed the Von Duprin RU and RM options to bolster the security of not only main entrances, but also secondary doors so they can be easily locked down in the event of an incident. Additionally, remote monitoring ensures a security operator’s ability to address concerns as they arise.”

This integration closes the gap many organisations have with lockdown protection.” Eric Widlitz, VP for North America sales, Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt SMS system allows users to manage alarms, photo ID badging, visitor management, elevator control, offline and online locks, advanced reporting and lockdowns from a single-source platform.

Said Eric Widlitz, VP for North America sales at Vanderbilt: “This new integration with Allegion closes the gap that many organisations have today with regard to lockdown protection, especially in the K-12 and university market, where numerous secondary doors must be accounted for.

“Our customers require greater control and flexibility when it comes to their access control solutions and it’s critical that we’re able to offer the tools and support they need to ensure higher levels of situational awareness. This integration helps strengthen our mutual product offering for end users.”

Vanderbilt is currently showcasing the integration at ASIS International’s Global Security Exchange (GSX) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Vanderbilt recently announced another integration, with AlertEnterprise, to expand security systems functionality for large-scale enterprises and critical infrastructure organisations. Vanderbilt’s cloud-based SPC intrusion panels can now be integrated with Genetec Security Center.

In a recent interview with IFSEC Global, founder of Vanderbilt’s parent company ACRE LLC Joe Grillo said that “people are realising cloud providers have very good cyber protection”.

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