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Fire safety

Is it time to take a remote approach to fire safety?

How can advancements in IoT and connected technologies help the fire safety sector maintain and manage housing portfolios? Read More


Fire safety changes to sprinkler thresholds in Approved Document B come into force

Documents in Approved Document B, the documents relating to fire safety in the Building Regulations, have been updated to incorporate 2020 amendments. Read More


Aico launches Smarter Homes, Safer Communities virtual conference

This month will see part two of Aico’s Smarter Homes, Safer Communities virtual conference take place, covering the current challenges the housing sector is facing. Read More

Heritage security

Securing heritage sites in a pandemic: Challenges and solutions

Hunter Seymour examines the challenges of protecting and securing heritage sites during a pandemic, and provides guidance on the solutions available. Read More

Retail security

CLD Fencing helps protect US retail sector during election season

CLD Fencing Systems has been busy protecting the American retail sector – which includes the deployment of the SBD accredited FenceSafe SR1 – during a challenging election season. Read More

Distributor news

New distribution deal announced between Hikvision and COP UK

Hikvision has announced a new distribution agreement in the UK with COP UK, which will see the company offer Hikvision products as an authorised distributor. Read More

IFSEC Interviews...

“We are now protecting people more often than assets” – HS Security’s Niall Griffin on trends and changes in the physical security space

We speak to Niall Griffin from HS Security about the changes in physical security, and how to combat the increasing threat to cities and people. Read More


Security Institute launches ‘Secure Futures’ to develop next generation of security professionals

The Security Institute and EY Foundation have launched 'Secure Futures', an employability programme to encourage young people into security. Read More

Cloud migration

Demand for cloud migration hindered by concerns over security

Research has revealed migration to cloud processes is being held back due to a lack of resources and concerns over key features such as security. Read More

Revealed: The UK’s most-watched cities

Which UK cities have the most CCTV surveillance? And where can you go to get a little bit more ‘privacy’? All is revealed, here… Read More