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Webinar: Navigating the Evolution of Physical Access Control: Trends, Technologies, and Challenges

Thursday 27 June 2024 02:00PM BST

As organizations adapt to evolving security landscapes and workplace dynamics, the realm of physical access control is undergoing a significant transformation. Our panel discussion delves into the intricate tapestry of modern access control strategies, exploring prevalent technologies, emerging trends, and the associated challenges.

From the enduring presence of physical ID cards to the increasing adoption of mobile credentials and biometric solutions, the panel examines the spectrum of identification methods. Key discussion points include the implications of mobile access on user experience and organizational workflows, the role of open standards in fostering smart building ecosystems, as well as the intersection of sustainability and access control strategies, along with the growing prominence of contactless biometrics.

Through insights from industry experts, this panel aims to illuminate the path forward in effectively securing physical spaces, while embracing innovation and sustainability in access control practices.

Discussion Points:

• Exploring the impact of mobile adoption on workplace efficiency and user satisfaction.
• Assessing the security and interoperability benefits of open standards in access control systems.
• Addressing the convergence of physical and cyber security operations and its implications for organizational resilience.

Sponsored by

Sanjit Bardhan

VP of Mobile, HID

Sanjit Bardhan, Vice President and Head of Mobile at HID, is responsible for driving HID’s mobile strategy, managing relationships with Technology Giants, Integration Partners, Standards Alliances, and leading Partner and Professional Services initiatives. With a distinguished career in security and investigations, he has consistently driven organizational growth and operational efficiency while ensuring customer satisfaction.

His expertise includes P&L management, leadership, sales, business development, marketing, and operational optimization. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from BITS Pilani and an Executive MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Mr. Bardhan demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence and professional development.

Before HID, he held leadership positions in the Middle East, expanding global footprints and driving sustainable growth. Recognized for his thought leadership in the mobile space, Mr. Bardhan contributes to industry events and publications, including The Economist, Security Info Watch, and Intelligent CIO.
Based in Austin, Texas, at HID Global headquarters, Sanjit Bardhan continues to excel in shaping the future of mobile security solutions, poised to deliver exceptional results globally.

Cristian Cotiga

VP of Product Management, HID

Cristian Cotiga is the VP of Product Management for Physical Access Control Systems at HID and is based in Austin, Texas. Cristian has a multicultural background and has lived and worked in Europe and the United States, where he has been for more than a decade. He holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Politehnica of Bucharest Romania.

While he started his career in software development, he quickly evolved into product management and now has over 20 years of experience leading teams and driving results in that discipline. He most recently worked for SILION LABS, where he drove the product strategy and roadmaps and notably worked with tech giants like Apple and Google to develop new, open IoT standards like Matter and Thread. Prior to this role, he led product management teams at NXP for five years, working on IoT connectivity projects (Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.) and secure payment products.

When he isn’t working, you’ll find Cristian spending time with his two teenage children at cheerleading and soccer practices and competitions. He also loves running, cycling, and expanding his knowledge on technology trends such as the IoT and AI.

Josef Šachta

CEO & co-founder, Sharry

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