Ron Alalouff

Freelance journalist

Ron Alalouff is a journalist specialising in the fire and security markets, and a former editor of websites and magazines in the same fields.

Articles by this author

Politicians voice privacy concerns about US border remote video surveillance plans

Government announces measures to strengthen Fire Safety Order

Powerful video and radar surveillance helps protect United States’ northern border

The rise of body-worn cameras in security, retail and healthcare

Your guide to fire-resistant glass and glazing

How 5G is set to impact video surveillance and the wider physical security industry

Automatic Facial Recognition: authentication, identification and ethical use

Global pandemic fuels cyber threat workload for National Cyber Security Centre, shows Annual Review

Modern methods of construction and fire performance – time for a rethink?

Edge-based video surveillance: The pros and cons

Why AI and facial recognition software is under scrutiny for racial and gender bias

Government launches £1bn Building Safety Fund to replace cladding on high rise residential buildings

Post-Grenfell regulation aims to transform fire safety in buildings

CCTV video analytics trial to improve safety and response times of smart motorways

Guy Mathias on the security issues facing the food and drink sector

Does advanced technology improve security?

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