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October 29, 2020


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

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8 ways SureView Operations is transforming Security Operation Centres

SureView gives IFSEC Global the lowdown on its new SureView Operations (Ops) subscription service, designed to address common challenges SOC teams face.

SureView-ops-screenshotFor over 15 years, SureView has designed custom security solutions for global tech, enterprise and government organisations. Our mission has always been to provide security software on an integrated platform that connects different and divergent security systems into a single-pane-of-glass, making it easy to coordinate and improve security response.

Now, we’ve distilled some of those key features into a subscription service we call SureView Operations (Ops). We focused the design of Ops on addressing 8 common challenges SOC managers face in their daily operations.

1) We need to be able to work securely from anywhere

Ops can be accessed through all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc) for secure, remote, access and runs on the familiar AWS system.

2) We need all our information in one place

All the information your team needs to respond quickly to any event is presented in Ops’ single-screen interface – action plans, call lists, available field staff, and location. No more switching from system to system or searching for information in different locations (a binder under the desk, for example).

3) Our team needs to collaborate with each other and key stakeholders

Operators can invite other team members and key stakeholders to join an event – no matter where they’re located – with the touch of a button.

4) We need immediate situational awareness – whether it’s across the street or across the globe

Google mapping gives instant situational awareness in a familiar format, while the ability to immediately view the camera(s) nearest the event means everyone sees the same thing in real-time.

5) We need a better way to communicate with officers and other field personnel

The Ops Mobile Dispatch App makes this easy, allowing operators to deploy officers directly from the app, while officers provide real-time information – photos, video, and updates – right from their phone, speeding up response and problem resolution.

6) We can’t afford to wait for changes, we need the flexibility to make changes ourselves

Ops has many of the advantages of a customised system without the complexity or cost. Changes in policy or procedure can be done straight from the interface – no waiting around for hours or days for an IT maintenance window to become free.

7) We need accurate data and record keeping for management and investigations

Ops automatically records every action taken by team members while responding to an event in a comprehensive audit trail, essential for later debriefing, compliance, and investigation. The Insights tool lets management drill down into the data to isolate factors that can improve response

8) We can’t afford to wait for a custom installation

Ops is a subscription service that can be up and running in about a week. We have affordable, monthly, user-based pricing – starting at $50 per user – and every account starts with a one-month free trial, eliminating the risk of trying something new.

Start today at www.SureViewOps.com

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