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October 23, 2020


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

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Reboot your security operation – Responding to the pandemic with 6 key actions

SureView outlines how businesses can respond to the pandemic with six key actions, and how the company’s new open resource platform, SureView Operations, can help security command centres.

SureView-OperationsLaptop-202020 has taught us to expect the unexpected. At SureView, we’ve been talking to our customers and learned that, in one way or another, they’ve all had to develop new policies and procedures, and expect to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Whether it’s a return to work or working remotely, their goal is to adapt and emerge stronger.

Here are the six key areas they identified as critical for their operations.

  1. Support Remote Working: Without compromising policy, compliance, or results.
  2. Maintain Team Collaboration: Because now more than ever, teams need the strength and clarity of mutual support.
  3. Ensure nothing is missed: A single interface that integrates easily with the systems used today (cameras, alarms, IoT, etc.) and the flexibility to adapt to new requirements such as room occupancy or fever detection sensors.
  4. Embrace Change: And get the flexibility to immediately make changes on the fly
  5. Reduce Risk: With so much in flux, mistakes can be made. Security leaders can minimise risk by automating many of their compliance and audit requirements.
  6. Rapid Deployment: There’s not the time or manpower for big projects. A system that deploys immediately and cost-effectively is paramount.

That’s why we developed SureView Operations (Ops), an open response platform for running security command centers. With over 15-years’ experience designing software solutions for leading technology companies, governments, and enterprise organisations, we’ve learned what matters most to our customers and have taken many of these key features and put them into a subscription service that – after a 30-day free trial – starts at as little as $50 a month. Ops can be up and running in about a week.

To find out whether it’s right for your organisation, schedule a call and demo with one of our engineers.

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