May 6, 2020

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New webeyeCMS v3.3 cloud alarm monitoring platform – with Dahua Technology integration

Security professionals expect a lot from their investment in new equipment and cant afford to just trawl through alarm footage to gather evidence after the event. Webeye talks us through how its new webeyeCMS v3.3 can help.  


Prioritise, respond and react

WebeyeCMS-Update-20With additional features and more product integrations, the webeyeCMS is now even more versatile and effective.

More functionality coming in v3.3, which includes:

  • Dahua technology now fully integrated
  • Timeline function unique to Webeye, providing users with one convenient place to view all the alarm history to improve knowledge of an incident, or see to how a site is performing
  • Video effects in alarm. For example, you can alter contrast to improve identification
  • More features to customise interface and tailor reactions
  • Start viewing alarm footage at only 5% download to speed up response
  • LiveLink viewing now at the same time as handling alarms

For those who aren’t aware, webeyeCMS is a fully automated open SaaS platform with in-built intelligence for effective alarm monitoring, alarm delivery and management. It currently works with Videofied, Hikvision, Avigilon and now Dahua products.

The CMS operates as a cloud pay-as-you-go service that users only pay for when a system is in use while commissioned on a site. webeyeCMS enables CCTV generated alarms to be monitored either remotely – by field staff or guards on their smartphone, for instance – and/or in a control room environment via a web browser. This provides users with a full professional monitoring solution to receive and manage alarm notifications.

The system can be configured to mirror your business hierarchy, with a reporting dashboard for system maintenance, whilst the new ‘Timeline’ function shows the full history of an alarm in one convenient location.

Key features of webeyeCMS also include:

  • Uses the cloud platform to send notifications and videos of intrusions directly to your smart phone or browser.
  • Initiates a fast response if an alarm is triggered.
  • Incorporates advanced machine learning with the in-built CALIPSA false alarm filtering platform. Gives an extra layer of intelligence to verify human or vehicle activity.
  • Sends notifications to all stakeholders. The unique escalation process enables any number of designated recipients to receive notifications simultaneously and virtually immediately if an alarm is triggered.
  • Cloud storage. All events are storedand videos can be viewed for two years – this can be extended to six years, if required.
  • Full monitoring. Webeye has fully automated the alarm receipt, alarm handling and alerting process usually carried out by a monitoring station/ARC.
  • Full audit trail. Webeye keeps a record of any alarm that can be accessed through the browser or app. It will show when a notification was sent and also who viewed it.
  • Reliable and robust. Large multi-national companies now use Webeye effectively.
  • Control dashboard on the browser version. Configurable overview of your security to see how efficiently your ‘estate’ is working.

Find out more information, here.

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