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April 23, 2015

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Whitepaper: Effective Techniques for Robust OT Security

Harnessing The Power Of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Here are six real-world examples of how changing your modus operandi from reactive to proactive can drive rapid response to the threats that matter.

A core tenant of cyber threat intelligence or CTI is that it has to be “consumable” and “actionable” to be useful. Without these basic underlying concepts, the best CTI in the world, cultivated from the most beneficial sources, and containing the most informed analysis, is nothing more than interesting; and interesting doesn’t mean useful. So the real question is, how do you harness the power of CTI to drive decision advantage and proactive, informed decision making in an ever increasing threat environment?

There is a great deal of power that comes along with knowing your adversary. By mapping his (or her) past activities and capabilities, historical and current affiliations, and ability to influence within a real and aspirational community of likeminded individuals, understanding his current readiness and objectives, and anticipating his future ambitions, you can obtain a position of dominance that can drastically reduce his chances of success.

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