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June 9, 2022

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Cyber security

NCSC transfers responsibility of Cyber Certified Professional scheme to UK Cyber Security Council

Responsibility for running the cyber security industry’s Cyber Certified Professional scheme has transferred from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to the UK Cyber Security Council.

As part of its oversight role, the Council will be reviewing the Cyber Certified Professional (CCP) scheme and launching a six-month pilot to inform new chartered standards.

As part of the review, the Council will be running a pilot scheme of new chartered standards for the industry. The pilot scheme for new standards will be run for the Risk Management and Security Architecture specialisms.

The Ministry of Defence, NCSC and Department for Work and Pensions will be participating in the pilot scheme, along with existing qualification providers BCS, APMG and CIISec.

The Council is also inviting expressions of interest from organisations and businesses across the sector that would like to be involved in the pilot scheme. Those taking part will have the opportunity to help shape the development of the new chartered standards and qualifications the Council will be introducing.

While the Council reviews the existing CCP scheme, all pre-existing and new qualifications awarded through it will continue to be recognised. It is the joint aim of the Council and the NCSC to make the transfer of those holding qualifications into the new chartered standards being developed as simple as possible, explains the Council.

Simon Hepburn, Chief Executive of the UK Cyber Security Council said: “Here at the Council, we are focused on creating a thriving cyber security industry to ensure the UK can remain a world leader in this strategically important sector.

“Creating clear and robust chartered standards that are universally recognised both across the industry and by those looking to enter it, is crucial to this goal and vital if we are to plug the industry’s skills gap.

“That is why we are taking on oversight of the Cyber Certified Professional scheme. We will be reviewing how best to create new chartered standards that can integrate easily with existing qualifications and help provide a clear accreditation framework for the future.

“I truly believe this is a vitally important step for our industry and I would like to invite businesses and organisations who would like to be involved in our upcoming pilot scheme to put themselves forward.”

Aside from taking responsibility for the CCP scheme, the Council is also making final preparations on the announcement of its pending Royal Chartership status.

Simon commented: “Achieving Royal Chartered status is a really exciting development for the Council and the wider cyber sector, as it will be pivotal in creating aligned standards for the industry, addressing barriers to entry and encouraging career progression.

“Doing so will help us develop the framework of skills and expertise the UK will need to ensure it is a world leader in cyber security – both now and in the future.”

To help oversee and scrutinise the move towards introducing new chartered standards and qualifications for the industry, the UK Cyber Security Council and the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) will be creating a Joint Transition Governance Board, which will steer the integration of new chartered standards with existing accreditations.

The upcoming pilot scheme for chartered accreditation is set to begin on 1 June. Businesses and organisations that are interested in taking part are invited to express their interest by mid-June.

Find out more about the UK Cyber Security Council.


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