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February 7, 2023


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Position paper on Cyber Resilience Act released by Euralarm

The position paper aims to provide Euralarm’s view on the elements of the proposed Cyber Resilience Act that it believes should be kept for the published legislation and identifies areas that, if maintained, would lead manufacturers into ‘legal uncertainty’.

The Cyber Resilience Act is the proposal for a regulation on cyber security requirements for products with digital elements. The Act is meant to bolster cybersecurity rules to ensure more secure hardware and software products.

Euralarm has said that there are principles implemented by the proposed CRA that are positive contributions to the European single market. However, the company’s assessment of the proposed regulation and its discussions with the CRA team at DG CONNECT have identified ‘room for improvement’ in order to ensure legal certainty for the manufacturers and proportionality of the scope and the categorisation.

The firm has highlighted possible amendments in the document by providing argued concerns whilst also putting forward proposals in its position paper to clarify the text with aims to have the regulation be more proportionate.

Copies of the Position Paper can be downloaded from the Euralarm website.


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