IFSEC 2019

The Converged Security Centre: Where physical security meets cybersecurity

CTO, Virtually Informed and Founder, Unified Security (respectively)

June 12, 2019


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

The IFSEC 2019 Converged Security Centre will demonstrate converged security technologies using AI and the latest cyber security solutions.

In addition, leading physical and cybersecurity professionals will give their independent analysis so that visitors will have a clearer idea of what a Converged Security Centre (CSC) might look like in their own environment and understand how to protect an organisation from complex attacks.

Opening Keynote Panel

The opening keynote panel organised by Informa the main security arena on Day 1 at 1100 – 1200 is with Frank Gardner OBE chairing a panel on “The Converged Security operations centre– Unifying physical security and cybersecurity”.

The panellists are Maurice Singleton President, Vidsys, David Humphrey CTO Rich Media at Micro Focus, Steven Kenny Industry Liaison – Architecture & Engineering (A&E) at Axis Communications, Sarb Sembhi CISO Virtually Informed Ltd and James Willison, Founder, Unified Security Ltd. This opening session sets the scene for where physical security will be in the future – sitting side by side with cybersecurity to provide near real time risk management.

This keynote panel is followed by the opening session of the CSC Theatre presentation which will demonstrate today’s high-risk and high-threat environments and that there is a real and immediate need for a converged security approach that unifies monitoring of both physical and cybersecurity events under a unified platform.

The CSC Presentations

The presentations will show that by leveraging disparate sources of data, organisations can effectively manage a situation in near real-time without having to go to multiple individual subsystems to get the job done. The sessions will discuss the concept, reality, and evolution of having both physical and cybersecurity teams managing and collaborating in the same Security Operations Centre.

The CSC session format

Each day the Centre shows a variety of converged security scenarios in simulated real time, where either Sarb or James will chair three different topics lasting 45 minutes. They will introduce the concepts followed by one of three different scenarios (further details below), which are then concluded with comments and thoughts from an invited guest speaker on what has been shown and an opportunity for a Q & A with the audience.

There is a lot of information packed into each session scenario which are being repeated over the three days.

The technology solution experts

Phil Stockham (VP Operations EMEA) and Kris Heath, (Product Manager) from Vidsys, and;

David Humphrey (CTO Rich Media) from Micro Focus, and;

Daren Lang (Regional Manager – Business Development – Northern Europe), and Steven Kenny (Industry Liaison – Architecture & Engineering) and John Allen (Access Control, Northern Europe at Axis Communications) from AXIS Communications.

The scenarios over three days

Tuesday 18 June starts with our first presentation session:

How Converged Security Centres respond in real-time to physical and online threats? This will take place at 1330 – 1415 on Day 1 and again at 1100 – 1145 on Days 2 and 3.

This session will show how technologies can be integrated in one centre, to prioritise emerging security risks from high volumes of data and respond in near real time. The solution partners will provide a view on how large events and campuses can be managed in a fast moving and dynamic environment. This includes:

  • a stadium where large numbers of fans are congregating. Tweets start pouring in about an upcoming protest to disrupt the game at a certain time, some threaten to march inside the stadium and stop the game – all from anonymous sources whose identities cannot be confirmed
  • Security officers begin to view live video feeds from stationary cameras, drones and the incoming tweets all under one common operating picture and monitor the situation
  • facial recognition and biometrics to prevent cyber physical attacks

The guest speakers over the repeated sessions are:

Day 1 Professor Martin Gill Director Perpetuity Research & Consultancy International

Day 2 Alan Jenkins Head of Advisory Services at 2|SEC Consulting and

Day 3 David Clark (Chief Security Officer and Head of Logistics The Francis Crick Institute, Chair, ASIS UK Chapter).

The second panel presentation session is:

How converged technologies ease prevention and response to unauthorized physical/logical access to corporate facilities and networks? This is at 1445 – 1530 on Day 1 and 1345 – 1430 Day 2 and 1400 – 1445 on Day 3.

This session will show how one converged team can identify and respond to fraudulent activity on a corporate network, in near real time with the power of Vidsys, Micro Focus and AXIS solutions. The teams will demonstrate:

  • How the logical and physical id of an employee do not match
  • The operators can look at the office CCTV footage of the employee physically badging on the access control device in the morning
  • The screenshot captured is matched with the access card information
  • Vidsys and SIEM technologies correlate all this data and determine a case of Insider or OutsiderThreat

The guest speakers over the repeated sessions are:

Day 1 Professor Paul Dorey (Chair Emeritus of ISSP and InfoSecurity Europe member of the Hall of Fame)

Day 2 Brian Sims BA (Hons) Hon FSyI (Editor Risk Xtra and The Paper, Pro-Activ Publications)

Day 3 Dr. Danny Dresner FInstISP (Co-Founder and Director of Research, IASME Consortium).

The third panel presentation session is:

How Chief Security Officers can benefit from data analytics and converged platforms to understand the complex physical and cyber risks posed to Transport systems?  This is at 1600 – 1645 on Day 1 and 1500 – 1545 on Day 2

This session will explore how CSOs can benefit from deploying multi disciplinary teams in one security operations centre and use converged technologies to identify and respond to fast moving events in transport systems. The teams from Vidsys, Micro Focus and AXIS Communiations will demonstrate:

  • Visual displays of various incidents related to UK Transport (Highway Accidents, Broken streetlights, Systems down, Networking issues, cyber attacks, insider threats, property damage, protests, Broken vehicles)
  • Event is identified and a report is sent to the CSO with actions outlined
  • Upon detecting a drone within 1 km of the airport perimeter an event gets created automatically
  • Operators monitor presence of a drone and use counter drone systems if possible

The guest speakers over the repeated sessions are:

Day 1 Mike Hurst CPP (HJA Fire and Security Recruitment, Vice Chair, ASIS International UK Chapter)

Day 2 Godfried Hendriks (ASIS International, President Elect, Business Development Director Europe @ Revolution Retail Systems).

A successful return to the show

“Unified Security Ltd is really excited to be working with Informa, Vidsys, Micro Focus, AXIS Communications, Ipsotek and Salam Technology in the Converged Security Centre (CSC) which returns to IFSEC this year,” said James Willison. Its success in June 2018 means that this year it is near the front of the show next to AXIS Communications and featured in the opening panel of the conference, chaired by Frank Gardner OBE, in the Keynote arena.

“Vidsys is very excited to be returning to IFSEC to sponsor the Converged Security Centre for a second year. For us, the CSC is an opportunity to work with key partners to showcase the latest and greatest Converged Security solutions, allowing IFSEC visitors to get hands-on experience with some of the best tools the market has to offer – including, of course, Vidsys’ award-winning Converged Security & Information Management software platform. From comprehensive event security management, to converged cybersecurity solutions and advanced critical infrastructure protection, the CSC will have something for everyone.”

The day of the CSC has come

“Sarb Sembhi (CISO Virtually Informed Ltd) and I have, for the last decade, promoted cross functional teaming and collaboration between the physical and cybersecurity areas in articles and conferences, including IFSEC since April 2010. In June 2017, Gerry Dunphy, IFSEC Strategy Director, Security and Fire shared his vision with me for something different which was in line with what we had been recommending to organisations. It is Gerry’s passion which has really helped this happen and we are very pleased to be working with him and his team on this.

What we agreed should fill the gap that other shows are not was to make it much more visual and immersive so that the visitor could actually see a cyber attack on a CCTV system. We knew that a few leading organisations and Goverments have this kind of capability, but it isn’t something familiar to most. In 2017 we gained the interest of Vidsys who have formed partnerships in the last few years with Micro Focus and others enabling them to provide a converged response to the cyber and physical incidents that face security teams around the world. We have been working closely with them again and the team at Informa since last September to develop the newly expanded Centre as you will see it,” James Willison.

Join us and share your experiences: Come join us and our colleagues at this exciting new position near the front of the exhibition hall at stand IF820.



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