Sarb Sembhi and James Willison

CTO, Virtually Informed and Founder, Unified Security (respectively)

Articles by this author

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The IFSEC Converged Security Centre: 2023 Technology Showcase

How can Converged Security Centres contribute to the prevention and monitoring of crime in public spaces

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“There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza” – IFSEC’s converged security centre to help plug the gaps in physical and cyber security

The role of security convergence in protecting network airspace security

The value of converged security centres in pandemic risk management

The role of a converged security centre in a smart building

The Converged Security Centre: Where physical security meets cybersecurity

What makes the IFSEC Converged Security Centre the security control room of the future?

Learn about real-time risk management at IFSEC’s Converged Security Centre

Converged security centres can break down silos and tackle blended threats

A new opportunity: Your chance to see a converged security operations centre for the organisations of the future

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