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What makes the IFSEC Converged Security Centre the security control room of the future?

CTO, Virtually Informed and Founder, Unified Security (respectively)

May 21, 2019


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The Converged Security Centre (CSC) made its debut at IFSEC 2018 and was very well received by attendees.

In the second year we are expanding the vision.

That vision is not just about the partners, but what the partner technologies can demonstrate in bringing quicker, clearer proactive decision-making to the CSC team.

Smart buildings, for example, contain many thousands of devices and connected systems and present highly complex environments to have to secure both at a physical and a digital level.

As legislation and frameworks now demand ‘near real time risk management’ and reporting of personal data breaches within 72 hours it is necessary to provide a capability to monitor, identify, protect, prevent and respond to cyber-attacks on environments, especially smart building systems.

Whilst some organisations develop security control rooms which focus on physical security and network operations centres for cybersecurity others are building Converged Security Centres which provide a unified approach to all security risks giving the operators the ability to identify cyber-physical attacks on IoT systems and devices in near real time.

Single platform

These CSCs use a single platform to bring many systems together so that the security team can prioritise critical risks quickly and respond appropriately. Teams can communicate more effectively as they share the same technologies and determine how the risk is managed.

This might mean investigating an identified threat on social media as coming from a legitimate source that has a direct impact on a building’s systems safety or preventing fraud through robust physical logical access control and automated lock out of an account attacked by anomalous behaviour.

At the IFSEC 2019 Converged Security Centre we are bringing together technological solutions from five partners who can support this concept through automated tools, dashboards, mature CCTV, analytics and systems integrators. We have invited eight leading security professionals to join the presentations and ask key strategic and operational questions. Visitors can join in and ask their questions too.

“From comprehensive event security management, to converged cybersecurity solutions and advanced critical infrastructure protection, the CSC will have something for everyone.”

This is how the partners are developing a cyber-physical approach and collaborating.

The technological advancements in Converged Security & Information Management (CSIM) mean that Vidsys “connects an organisation’s vital security systems, such as IT security information and event management (SIEM), video surveillance and management systems, security analysis, investigative tools, and reporting platforms, allowing operators to base their decisions on a holistic view of the entire ecosystem.

“The software then alerts operators of potential security risks to their IT infrastructure, buildings, assets, or employees.

“Vidsys is very excited to be returning to IFSEC to sponsor the Converged Security Centre for a second year. For us, the CSC is an opportunity to work with key partners to showcase the latest and greatest Converged Security solutions, allowing IFSEC visitors to get hands-on experience with some of the best tools the market has to offer – including, of course, Vidsys’ award-winning Converged Security & Information Management software platform.

“From comprehensive event security management, to converged cybersecurity solutions and advanced critical infrastructure protection, the CSC will have something for everyone.”

Vidsys can integrate and communicate directly with all cybersecurity platforms which will significantly increase the volumes of data created. Micro Focus’ IDOL provides AI to make sense of all the volumes of data. Together Vidsys and Micro Focus IDOL enable the following:

  • Real-time processing of data that is diverse in format (e.g. video, image, audio, text, logs, transactions) and in origin (e.g. CCTV corporate databases, email, sensor, social media, broadcast media)
  • Automated analysis to identify issues or potential threats
  • Streamlined workflow for alerts and responses
  • Open standards connectivity to 3rd party systems for easy integration

Vidsys has also partnered with AXIS Communications in various projects in recent years and AXIS too are joining us on the CSC this year.

“Axis will look at how a converged security centre can enable a real-time response to physical and online threats and  how a converged platform can enable data analytics to be better understood and utilised to understand complex risks faced by our transport system.”

“Axis are pleased to be participating in the converged security centre at this year’s IFSEC exhibition and also delighted to see the effort the organisers of IFSEC have put in to promoting this important topic.

“As the premier event for the physical security industry it is vital that IFSEC educates its visitors on the threat caused by cybersecurity and the urgent requirement for physical security and information security to converge.

“The issues surrounding converged security  are critical in helping to ensure that the security industry work together to offer the smartest and safest future possible. In recent years we have worked in partnership with several organisations to help advance understanding of this subject.

“At IFSEC Axis will be looking at how a converged security centre can enable a real time response to physical and online threats and also how a converged platform can enable data analytics to be better understood and utilised to understand some of the many complex risks currently faced by our transport system.”

Next we have Salam Technology which together with Vidsys are known as one of the trusted partnerships for a CSIM Solution, to join the CSC.

“Salam Technology is a leading system integrator and IT security solution provider in Qatar, and an authorized reseller of Vidsys since 2015. This year we are participating at the upcoming IFSEC show and the main focus will be the following.

  • Salam Technology Profile (PPT) Solutions
  • Case Reference and Solution Security (port, ministry, ad)
  • Vidsys and Salam Technology in Qatar”

Last but not least is an analytics company that can play a leading role in supporting any security team in a CSC: Ipsotek, a world leader in scenario-based video analytics.

The patented scenario-based approach allows multiple behaviour descriptions to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences; and it is these scenario combinations that create an exact description of the target behaviour, thereby giving dependable real alerts and dramatically reduced false alarms.

We believe that jointly these partners will help provide visitors to the Converged Security Centre the vision that is needed for the Security Centre of the Future to provide near real time risk management. Join us at the CSC and have your questions answered by those that can help you realise your vision for your CSC.

In our final article we will introduce three key topics with six scenarios these partners will present and the eight security professionals who together with you will give a real insight of what the security control room of the future will look like. Join us in June!

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