April 6, 2021

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Fire alarms

Aico selected as alarm supplier to UK Fire and Rescue Service

Aico has been selected as a supplier of smoke, heat and CO alarms for the West Midlands Fire Service Framework, which is set to be available to all UK Fire & Rescue Services, subject to contract.

Aico-FireAlarm-21In a move designed to standardise requirements as outlined in regulations, the West Midlands Fire Service Framework will facilitate the procurement of fire and CO alarms for all UK FRS.

This opportunity comes in the wake of a new campaign by Aico to increase support to the Fire and Rescue Service across the UK. The campaign launched in September 2020 with the focus of offering increased support to each of the 52 Fire and Rescue Brigades in the UK, through the provision of Aico’s FIA-approved CPD training based on BS 5839-6:2019, use of Aico’s mobile training and demonstration units and access to office space at its Centre of Excellence, as well as homeowner and tenant safety packs.

Paul Cartwright, Aico National Accounts Manager says “It is fantastic that we can now offer the same level of support and the same quality product to our FRS for their safety work with the general public. We aim to be the number one supplier to the FRS moving forward and intend to bring a level of support to the contract that has never been seen before.

“When safe to do so, we will be making our team of 23 supportive Regional Specification Managers and our four mobile training units available for use by the FRS, offering free FIA CPD training to any service employees. The mobile units can also be used for awareness and engagement events where needed.

“Every product Aico will supply to the contract will be individually tested at least four times before leaving our factory in Ireland, ensuring every alarm works as designed, to sit on the ceiling silently protecting occupants for a full 10 years.

“Our innovative SmartLINK system has been adopted by over a hundred social landlords across the UK and we are very pleased that West Midlands Fire & Rescue Service has extended the Framework to provide for future technology. SmartLINK is now available through the Framework for the FRS to deliver additional protection for the most vulnerable in society, providing a simple GSM Gateway connected system for occupants and their families and carers.”

Neal Hooper, Managing Director of Aico, added: “For us, it is not just about alarms. One of our core values is creating safer communities and we have decided to increase our support for the Fire and Rescue Service. We already have strong partnerships with several Fire and Rescue Services around the UK but feel we could be doing more.”


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