fire alarms

Union Chapel receives new fire detection system from Hyfire

Products from Hyfire were recently specified to upgrade the fire system for Union Chapel, the grade-I listed religious building in London. Read More

Aico launches Ei1000G to increase tenant safety

Aico, a domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection manufacturer, has launched the SmartLINK Gateway, the Ei1000G. This innovation is aimed at Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), as a solution to have real time data insight of Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm systems across their housings, and to increase tenant safety. Read More

Residential fire alarms: Guidance for new-build dwellings

Fire alarms and fire alarm systems are categorised by Grade and Category respectively. Grade D, Category LD3 is the minimum requirement, but what exactly does this mean? Read More

Mother’s voice more likely to wake sleeping children than high-pitched smoke alarms

A smoke alarm playing a recording of a mother’s voice is more likely to wake a sleeping child than one with a conventional high-pitched alarm, according to a new study. Read More

WATCH: “They want to remove their fire alarm system” – the worst possible response to false alarms

An incredulous Dan the Engineer returns for the new year with the remarkable solution to false alarms and resident complaints suggested by someone responsible for a mixed-use property – residential and retail. Read More

Fire safety guides from FIREX International

A collection of helpful guides to fire doors, fire alarms and detection, risk assessments and more. Read More

Watch: How to conduct a weekly test of your fire alarm

We’ve discovered a fantastic video vlog run by fire systems engineer Dan Jackson of Blueserve Facilities. Here’s a great installment for anyone responsible for fire safety in residential or commercial buildings. Read More

Download: A Technical Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Technical Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Fire legislation, which is written for the purpose of life safety, requires duty […] Read More

What a qualification in fire detection and alarm systems might look like

Is it feasible to have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to fire detection and alarm? What would each person in each job role need to know? Read More

Smoke alarm frequencies too high to wake most children – especially boys – study reveals

Most children slept through the sound emitted by a conventional fire alarm during a recent study. Read More

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