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November 16, 2023


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Passive fire protection

ASFP launches competence framework for those working in passive fire protection

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has launched its new competence framework, bringing together competence definitions to provide a benchmark for competence for those working across the passive fire protection supply chain.

The framework consists of a free library of information, and underpins the ASFP’s training and competence work. It has been developed by the ASFP, incorporating content from multiple industry sources.

The ASFP is clear that the framework and resources within it are intended simply to provide individuals and employers with a list of competence definition as a benchmark for competence in passive fire protection activities.

It contains activities, not job roles or ‘occupations’, which is designed to reflect the idea that people working in passive fire protection may be doing so from outside the traditional fire industry, such as architects, surveyors, inspectors or facilities managers.

The activities are presented in seven domains across the building lifecycle, in levels corresponding to their complexity. The seven domains are:

  • Design & specify – architects
  • Procure – Surveyors/procurement specialists
  • Sell & distribute – Manufacturers/distributors
  • Install – Installers/project managers
  • Inspect – Inspectors
  • Maintain – Installers/supervisors
  • Own/occupy- Facilities/building managers

The ASFP competency framework is available here, for free.

Those wishing to contribute to the framework can get in touch with the ASFP, while the association will work with various groups as required to ensure the content is maintained and updated as appropriate.

ASFP Managing Director Mike Ward declared: “I am delighted to announce the launch of the ASFP Competence Framework. While still a work in progress, the ASFP’s long term aim is for all professions and trades across the whole building lifecycle to be able to access the Framework to gain a full understanding of what they need to do to achieve competency in passive fire protection and record their achievements.

“We shall continue to collaborate with all stakeholders to complete its development and maintain it thereafter, ensuring that together we deliver improved quality and safety across the entire built environment.”

Find out more from the video below.


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