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January 29, 2018


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed


FFE launches auto-aligning smoke beam detector

The latest product from smoke detector producer FFE is a smoke beam detector that self-aligns in less than a minute to protect large commercial and public spaces.

The Fireray One promises to make advanced smoke detection more accessible and easier to install with a simple process requiring just one installer.


FFE says that spot detection and standard beam units fail to provide adequate fire protection in buildings with large skylights, high ceilings or lots of condensation – which often means historic and listed buildings. Fireray One, says the vendor, overcomes these issues.


  • Self-aligns in under one minute
  • Cuts false alarms due to FFE’s patented Light Cancellation Technology, which enables installation in sunlit spaces and areas
  • Aesthetically designed to be unobtrusive

FFE says

Oliver Burstall, managing director of FFE, says: “Our experience and understanding of the industry enabled us to develop a smoke beam detector that works for both the end-user and the buildings in which it operates.

“Its advanced, unique features offer a simple solution to a very complex problem faced by thousands of building fire officers and architects around the world. We look forward to introducing this new product at the show and encourage attendees to visit our stand, where the Fireray One will be demonstrated.”

About FFE

Founded more than 40 years ago as Fire Fighting Enterprises, FFE is a specialist in fire detection whose solutions include Talentum, the world’s fastest flame detector, and Fireray, the smoke detection beam.

It started out, in 1974, with a focus on aviation – for which it still sells fire extinguishers – later diversifying into industrial plants with the design and manufacture of vibration switches to protect rotating plant and reciprocating machinery.

Talentum, which became part of the FFE family in 2013, was developed in response to the challenge faced by mill-owners where traditional smoke detectors could trigger false-alarms.

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