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July 9, 2020

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The State of Physical Access Control in EMEA Businesses – 2020 Report

Industry reports

FIA reports on the impact of COVID-19 on the fire sector

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has released the findings following its survey of industry professionals on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the fire safety sector. The report contains the fears and challenges many in the industry have felt, as well as highlighting the “resilience, optimism and innovation that has been brought to the forefront during the pandemic”.

FIA-COVIDSurveyReport-20The FIA’s survey has been ongoing over the past couple of months, and the report offers several insights – from a general overview, through to the financial impacts, operational changes and employment practices of its members. Of the 84 respondents, 41% came from the Fire Detection and Alarm sector, 26% identified as Fire Risk Assessors and another 13% cited their work to be in the ‘Extinguishing’ sector.

Financial implications from COVID-19 are expected, according to the findings, with nearly half expecting revenue to be significantly below budget in 2020. Though those who were able to diversify their business operations into other areas – from FRA to FD&A, for example – believed that they would feel less of an impact.

Resilience appears to be a theme throughout the sector, with many businesses believing they could continue to ‘weather the storm’ for some time yet. The FIA also highlights that it has continued to receive membership enquiries during the pandemic, with 16 new additions to its ranks.

Operational changes are covered, as the survey asked whether businesses involved in fire safety would review working practices such as flexible and remote working, restructuring, alternative learning modules and retraining. Meanwhile, there is analysis on the accessibility of customer premises for risk assessments, site visits and servicing requirements.

Finally, the report assesses the impact on employment and staff retention in businesses throughout the pandemic, and whether change is expected in the future.

Read the full COVID-19 report from the Fire Industry Association, here.

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