Why video analytics, reopening measures and sustainability are driving interoperability demand in security

ONVIF explains why the growth in video analytics and IoT applications, alongside more sustainable approaches to security, are driving demand. Read More

COVID pushes criminals away from cash and into digital banking

Dr Nicola Harding explores how the pandemic has changed criminal behaviour and its implications for the banking and finance industries. Read More

Contact tracing and COVID-19 director’s briefing

Download our free guide to what organisations and security managers need to know when implementing track and trace controls at a venue. Read More

University of Oxford COVID research facility protected by First Response Group

University of Oxford has bolstered its COVID-19 research protection by employing First Response Group to provide a guarding security detail. Read More

Pandemic has “positively impacted careers of women in cyber security”

A new report from Tessian indicates that the pandemic has had a positive impact on the careers of female cyber security professionals. Read More

“There is a big uptick in demand for deep-learning analytics”: IDIS on lasting changes in the video tech industry after COVID

IFSEC Global catches up with IDIS, discussing the lasting changes for the video surveillance industry as a result of COVID-19. Read More

Looking for a new job in security? How to nail video interviews

We provide some advice to those looking for a new job or career in security from a recruiter’s perspective. Read More

A ‘paradigm shift’ for women in the security industry: “A pandemic demands empathy and strength in leadership”

Francesca Boeris provides an insight into her ambitions to spearhead efforts to improve equality in the fire and security industry. Read More

COVID-related considerations when updating fire risk assessments

As employees return to work, it is important COVID-related considerations are taken into account when updating fire risk assessments. Read More

Axis study assesses impact of COVID-19 on physical security industry

A new whitepaper has highlighted the effects of the pandemic on the physical security industry in UK and Ireland. Read More

Global COVID vaccination programme fraught with security challenges

The security challenges in rolling out the COVID vaccination programme, as authorities contend with physical and cyber threats to operations. Read More

Increased demand for hosted cloud solutions in security, survey shows

A new EU study shows increased demand for hosted cloud solutions in security, such as VSaaS/ACaaS, due to impact of COVID pandemic. Read More

Increase in physical security incidents adds to IT security pressures

A new study shows that many organisations have changed their physical security strategies to address new concerns since the COVID-19 outbreak, explains Dark Reading’s Jai Vijayan. Read More

The role of surveillance analytics and AI in supporting security staff with the challenges of mandatory facemasks

We explore how video analytics can play a role in supporting security staff combat the challenges related to mandatory facemasks. Read More

Milton Keynes hospital utilising touch-free access solutions to protect occupants and staff

Designed to manage infection control from viruses, Milton Keynes University Hospital has installed a touch-free door entry system from Videx. Read More

FIA publishes guidance on fire procedures during COVID-19

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has published new guidance on fire procedures for occupied buildings during the COVID pandemic. Read More

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