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August 8, 2022

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FireAngel partners with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service to deliver fire safety education to school children

FireAngel has partnered with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) to produce a home fire safety jigsaw puzzle, designed to engage over 14,000 school children as part of DFRS’ ongoing school fire safety education programme.

The jigsaw will be used by DFRS’ community safety officers to engage year six students at 400 schools across Derbyshire in a fun and interactive way.

The puzzle will hope to encourage student participation as part of the school fire safety education sessions to help children understand and identify potential fire hazards within the home, whilst also encouraging discussion on the most appropriate positions to install smoke and CO alarms.

DFRS has been delivering its schools education programme for over 15 years to year 2 and year 6 children, focusing on increasing awareness and education of how fires in the home can be prevented, including the importance of installing working smoke alarms and making a fire plan.

Elizabeth Mitchel, Fire & Rescue Service National Account Manager at FireAngel, said: “We are extremely proud to be supporting DFRS in educating local school children on how to stay fire safe, whilst encouraging families to discuss the dangers of fire and how they can be avoided.

“As one of Europe’s leading fire safety suppliers, we are committed to working closely with local Fire and Rescue Services across the UK to raise awareness throughout communities and provide dedicated support and education to residents.”

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Risk Reduction Manager, Kay Simcox who led the project added: “Our ambitious schools education programme targets all Derbyshire Year 2 and Year 6 school children educating them about the dangers of fire in the home and how they can help prevent them.

“By working in partnership with FireAngel we have been able to design and produce a home fire safety jigsaw puzzle that will allow our community safety officers to deliver a fun, engaging and interactive session, that will embed the common causes of fire firmly in the memory of students.

“The jigsaw puzzle, which is the first of its kind being used across the UK fire and rescue sector, went down really well at its launch at Richard Endowed Primary School in Smalley, with the children enjoying the challenge of a puzzle that was both educational and fun.”

120 home fire safety jigsaw puzzles have been purchased to support the education of over 400 school children.


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