August 28, 2020

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Contact tracing and COVID-19 director’s briefing

Case study

Fireco helps Vauxhall solve safety concerns and remain fire safe

Fireco-DorgardVauxhall-20Fireco explains how its Dorgard SmartSound solution is helping Vauxhall Motors ensure the safety of its employees from cross-contamination, while maintaining fire safety standards.

Staff were worried about the risk of cross-contamination from touch-points on surfaces such as door handles when walking through the building. Fire doors, which had been closed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, began to be wedged open by staff, as it made them feel safer from germs.

Fire safety, however, was being compromised. Vauxhall realised their Coronavirus Risk Assessment and their Fire Risk Assessment were in conflict and something had to be done.

After a risk assessment at the premises which combined these issues, and knowing he would need a long-term solution to ensure the safety of all staff, those at work and those returning from furlough, James Hall turned to Fireco for help.

As Site Utility Supervisor, James discovered Dorgard from his Fire Risk Assessor.

After purchasing one to trial, the business says it found the solution easy to fit, while ensuring fire doors can be held open in a compliant manner. When the fire alarm sounds,  Dorgard SmartSound automatically releases, allowing the door to close. Keeping fire doors open reduces the need to touch door handles and stops the spread of germs.

After two weeks, Fireco explains that Vauxhall was so impressed with Dorgard SmartSound and bought 17 more to fit where needed.

“With Dorgard SmartSound installed on our fire doors, we can keep our doors open safely, knowing that they will close in the event of a fire. We have ensured our workplace is ready for staff to return to work safely now we have lowered our risk of germ contamination and have met the requirements of our Fire Risk Assessment with Dorgard SmartSound,” concludes James Hall.

Find out more about Fireco and its fire safety solutions.

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