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June 19, 2023


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Plumis launches watermist suppression system installer competency framework

Plumis has launched a new training suite to demonstrate the competency of it watermist fire suppression system installers.

Plumis-Watermistsuppression-23Each year, its Automist Authorised Reseller Installers (ARIs) are required to undertake a rigorous audit as part of its policy of continual improvement and commitment to providing excellent service through its network of more than 30 installers.

In addition, each individual installer will now be required to complete Plumis’ learning management modules, which is designed to provide the British engineering company with a ‘golden thread’ of data about the skills and competency of each installer.

Plumis is the original inventor of Automist, an electronic watermist fire suppression system that is installed in homes across the UK and the US.

What does the training involve?

Modules cover a wide range of fire suppression topics including compliance with BS 8458, installation and commissioning Plumis’ domestic sprinkler system. As part of the training, some modules require installers to upload a video of themselves demonstrating that they can fulfil the technical requirements as part of the assessment.

Accessed through an online portal, the training is designed to enable the manufacturer to easily monitor and keep installers up to date with regulations and technical changes.

Installers will achieve certificates for each completed course, which will also be publicly available on Plumis’ website for prospective and existing procurement teams to access.

Yusuf Muhammad, Chief Design Officer and co-founder at Plumis explained: “Competency remains a huge challenge across building and fire safety and I’m a big believer that tackling the issue will not rely on qualifications alone.

“It requires a constant building of knowledge, ability, training and experience, which is exactly the approach we take as a company when it comes to promoting professional and continual development across our team and external networks.

“This new learning platform has been designed so that we can create a golden thread that demonstrates and instils confidence about our system and those installing it, while also enabling us to ensure any technical information or changes is communicated as efficiently as possible.”

Plumis officially rolled the training out to its ARIs with plans to begin publicising the data and credentials achieved by its installers in the coming months. This is the first in a series of measures the suppression specialist will be launching to demonstrate its networks commitment to competence.


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