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November 13, 2020

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Case study

Upgraded fire system installed at Imperial College London

A network of fire panels from UK manufacturer, Advanced, has been installed as part of a campus-wide system replacement at Imperial College London (ICL), Hammersmith.

Advanced-ICL-20Six 8-loop MxPro 5 fire panels and a TouchControl remote control terminal and repeater panel have been installed across the Wolfson Education Centre, the Institute of Reproductive Development Biology and the Commonwealth Building at Imperial College London’s Hammersmith campus.

The installation, part of a system-wide upgrade, was conducted by Surrey-based Lloret Fire & Security Ltd who were tasked with replacing the existing fire alarm control panels, installing new cabling and devices and commissioning the system across occupied buildings, where live coverage needed to be maintained at all times.

Imperial specifically requested a move away from the closed protocol fire system approach, and its associated service charges, which had been in operation for 15 years. Lloret Fire & Security’s experience installing Advanced control indicating equipment in other large-scale educational facilities meant the business was confident the open protocol MxPro 5 could easily provide the levels of flexibility and stability required by the site.

Paul White, Design Director at Lloret Fire & Security Ltd, said: “The project at Imperial’s Hammersmith campus involved the replacement of the fire system across a range of building environments – from offices, workshops and research labs, through to lecture theatres and conference halls – each with its own specific fire protection requirements.

“In consideration of the site’s false alarm management strategy, multi-sensor detection was installed to manage and reduce the risk of false alarms. For example, detectors have been configured for day/night use or can be altered as area usage changes.”

To replace the existing flush-fitted panel positioned front-of-house in the reception area of the Institute of Reproductive Development Biology, and for aesthetic purposes, Lloret Fire & Security Ltd suggested installing Advanced’s touch technology remote control terminal and repeater panel, TouchControl.

Said to combine aesthetics with practicality, the low-profile, high-resolution touchscreen makes it easy to check fire system status via interactive maps and zone plans, while complementing interiors. When in standby, you can use TouchControl to display branding, advertisements and information – it will instantly revert to fire operation when a fire condition occurs, according to the manufacturer.

Amanda Hope, UK Business Development Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to see that our partners Lloret Fire & Security Ltd are so confident in the Advanced solutions installed at Imperial. When installing or upgrading a building’s fire system it’s important to consider which protocol is right for you. The nature of our MxPro 5’s open protocol gives end users greater freedom and flexibility over key factors such as detector partners, suppliers, installers and service companies. This in turn helps the end user to more easily achieve best value for money and access top-quality expertise.”

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