April 12, 2023


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Firechief adds PyroFlow lithium-ion battery fire extinguishing agent to range

Firechief Global has added PyroFlow to its lithium-ion battery safety range to fight and prevent fires in metal, lithium-ion battery cells and combustible liquids.

A mineral-based extinguishing agent, Firechief PyroFlow is non-toxic and eco-friendly, manufactured from low grade waste glass recycled into lightweight, aerated spherical granules.

FirechiefGlobal-PyroFlow-23The extinguishing agent is said to quickly smother lithium-ion battery fires. It can also be used to control the risk of fires as a packing media solution for storing and transporting lithium-ion batteries, including damaged or recycled batteries which may leak electrolyte.

Firechief PyroFlow ‘Maxi’ granules range from 1-4mm in diameter and come packaged in convenient 12.5 kg bags. In the event of a fire, the entire bag can be placed onto the visible flames, to rapidly smother, cool and contain any blaze explains the manufacturer, or alternatively the PyroFlow granules can be poured onto the flames to douse them.

Commenting on the launch, Firechief’s Managing Director Laurie Pollard said:Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries feature in almost every part of our daily life. They power our smartphones, personal devices, laptops, e-bikes and e-scooters, electric vehicles and more. However, in the event of malfunction, they can also represent a serious fire risk.

“We are excited to introduce PyroFlow to the market. It is a cost-effective, easy to store and eco-friendly solution to the ever-growing risk Lithium-Ion batteries pose in today’s world. Organisations and environments at risk from Lithium-Ion battery fires include the fire and rescue services; courier services and logistics providers; recycling centres and consumer recycling points; bus, train, ferry and air transport operators and passenger hubs; and electric vehicle, e-scooter and e-bike manufacturers and retailers.”

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