Lithium battery fires

Podcast: Episode 19: Lithium-ion battery fire risks – what you need to know (part one)

In the first of a three-part mini series, Firechief Global's Matt Humby talks about the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries. Read More

IFSEC Insider’s most-read in fire safety: 2023 edition

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Lithium-Ion battery fire safety – Your questions answered

Here we cover some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding lithium-ion batteries and the fire risk they present. Read More

The hazards of Lithium-ion batteries on construction sites

There has been a “huge increase” in the use of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries on construction sites, speakers explained at FIREX 2023. Read More

Hot spots: fire hazards multiply to threaten construction sites

Hunter Seymour addresses the growing number of fire hazards on construction sites due to new and developing risks. Read More

New guidance released on car park design as growth of e-vehicles impact fire considerations

Car Park Design provides new guidance from the Institution of Structural Engineers to address the modern challenges that car parks face. Read More

Mitigating the risk of Lithium-ion batteries: Eight-step action plan

Attendees at FIREX 2023 heard from Matt Humby about the rise in lithium-ion battery fires and how professionals can mitigate the risk. Read More

Firechief adds PyroFlow lithium-ion battery fire extinguishing agent to range

Firechief Global has added PyroFlow to its battery safety range to fight and prevent fires in lithium-ion battery cells and combustible liquids. Read More

Government action urged as new figures show surge in lithium-ion battery fires

Trade and consumer bodies are warning that action is needed in the light of sharp increases in e-bike and e-scooter lithium-ion battery fires. Read More

Concerns raised over increase in unsafe disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Campaigners, local councils and safety experts are raising fire concerns over the dangers of incorrect disposal of lithium-ion batteries. Read More

IFSEC Global’s most read in fire safety: 2022 edition

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Burning decks – Complexities in the rising trend of marine fires

Examining the causes of the rising trend of marine and shipping fires, and the key challenges for fire protection strategies on vessels. Read More

Thermarestor: A predictive solution for electrical and lithium-ion battery fires?

A deep dive into Thermarestor, a device said to predict and therefore help to prevent electrical fires from happening at source. Read More

Awareness of fire risks from lithium-ion batteries grows amid calls for bans on charging infrastructure and e-bikes and scooters

Several news stories in recent weeks have highlighted the growing concerns property managers and the wider fire industry have around […] Read More

Firefighters attend blaze at a high-rise block near Grenfell

The London Fire Brigade has said eight fire engines and around 60 firefighters were sent to a tower block in Queensdale Crescent after a fire broke out on Tuesday morning. Read More

Are E-scooters and similar devices the new major fire risk?

Why are there increasing concerns over lithium battery fires from items such as e-scooters, and advice on what to use if one were to occur. Read More


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