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May 2, 2016


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Lehavot Advanced Fire Protection Systems: Groundbreaking Technology and Solutions that Save Lives and Minimise Damage

LehavotLogo_Eng_RED_JPGPowered by more than 60 years of experience and know-how in advanced fire protection technology, LEHAVOT PRODUCTION AND PROTECTION LTD is a leading global supplier of state-of-the-art fire suppression systems.

With a worldwide network of subsidiaries and international distributors, major companies in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia such as Coca-Cola, Sheraton, Solaris, Irizar and Lonmin (to name just a few) benefit from top quality sales & post sales service supported by LEHAVOT’s team of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Levahot delta connectorLEHAVOT’s best-of-breed solutions are based on cutting-edge in-house R&D, such as the DELTA pneumatic-electronic linear fire and heat detector – a paradigm shift in fire and heat detection. Its linear stainless steel detection tube utilizes state-of-the-art pneumatic and electronic technologies to sensitively analyze the Rate of temperature Rise (RoR), providing real-time and reliable alerts to fire or overheating. The patented DELTA is easily installed in large areas or confined spaces, always providing optimal detection coverage.

A Solutions-Oriented Company

LEHAVOT’s cost-effective, easy-to-maintain systems are designed as comprehensive solutions – fast detection, maximum fire suppression efficiency, complete control along with minimal environmental impact. LEHAVOT’s products and systems meet the unique needs of a wide range of sectors including:

  • BUSShield  Real-time detection of fire or overheating in bus engine and battery compartments, immediately triggering fire extinguishing systems and alerting the driver
  • KITCHENShield – Automatic, pre-engineered WCK industrial kitchen fire suppression system that protects the entire kitchen area and all cooking appliances
  • MINEShield – For mining’s toughest applications, such as conveyor belts and heavy-duty vehicles
  • DEFENSEShield – Multi-zone fire detection and suppression for military vehicles, covering the crew compartment, engine, fuel tank, tires, battery compartment, and outer envelope
  • OIL-TANKShield – Automatic rim seal fire detection and extinguishing system for oil & gas storage tanks, with instantaneous alerts to personnel
  • Industrial machinery: Transformer & generator rooms, printers, etc.

Quality First

LEHAVOT’s uncompromising commitment to quality stems from a deep understanding that human lives and valuable assets are dependent on the utmost reliability of its products and solutions. LEHAVOT products comply with the most stringent international commercial and military standards such as FM, UL, EN, CE, and MIL Specs. An ISO 9000 compliant quality control system is in use throughout LEHAVOT’s facilities and operations. LEHAVOT is also an approved supplier to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, where its highly robust systems operate under the harshest and most severe conditions.

Contact Us

Whether you are looking for cutting-edge products for integration into other fire extinguishing systems or a complete fire suppression solution tailored to the unique requirements of a particular vertical, please email us at [email protected], call us on +972-4-690-5020 or visit our website.

Visit our Facebook page here: Facebook icon

Visit us at FIREX International 2016 at London ExCeL between 21-23 June – we’ll be on booth C141!

LEvahot at FIREX

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