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August 2, 2023


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Doorset Product Data Templates released for ‘consistent’ performance data

The Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) is one of 14 organisations who have collaborated to release a Product Data Template (PDT) for doorsets, aimed at manufactures and distributors to have more ‘consistent’ performance data for specifiers, contactors and building owners. 

The PDT follows the recent publication of the independent Paul Morrell Review into the regulation, testing and verification of the performance of construction products.

“A Product Data Template is a common way of describing essential product characteristics that can be traced to a credible source such as a product standard,” explains Michael Skelding, General Manager & Secretary at DHF. “Once a manufacturer completes a PDT, the output is a Product Data Sheet summarising the performance and other technical characteristics of a construction product. Structuring product information in this way enables more consistent, audience-specific information, and identifies all the performance information required to make informed choices about construction products.”

The doorset PDT has been published by the shadow Fenestration Relevant Authority, a group of 14 organisations and trade associations including British Woodworking Federation, British Standards Institution, Construction Products Association and DHF, that have come together to provide PDTs for the sector. With this, there are hopes that the industry will now be able to create a coordinated set of Product Data Sheets for any doorsets involved in their projects.

“Joined-up construction and built environment”

Hanna Clarke, Digital and Policy Manager at the Construction Products Association (CPA) said: “Structured product information is absolutely vital to a joined-up construction and built environment sector. But the key to arriving at this information is consensus, and the CPA is pleased to see that the trade associations in the fenestration area have come together to form a shadow Relevant Authority as per the processes identified in the LEXiCON project.

“It is these consensus processes and due diligence that will allow all those using the template and resulting product data sheets to trust that the information has been appropriately considered and will have longevity in application.”

“This PDT is part of an ongoing programme of works in this field undertaken by the Fenestration Relevant Authority, with window hardware as the next project. DHF is thrilled to contribute to this and future PDTs to ensure that the Golden Thread is embedded into the construction industry”, concludes Michael.

The PDT is available to download for DHF members here. 

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