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February 17, 2016

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Tyco Extends Fire Protection Portfolio with New Offering for Small-Scale Industrial Fires

Tyco Fire Protection Products has a new AquaMist Industrial Fire Protection (IFP) solution for protecting small-scale and single industrial fryer applications.

The FM approved water-based fire suppression solution adds to Tyco’s existing AquaMist Water Mist product portfolio, which is suitable for multiple cooker arrangements.

The solution, which has a rapid suppression function and high cooling effect, has low water consumption, which means clean-up costs and operational down time stay at a minimum. It is designed to be easy to install and does not require an electricity supply, or even a separate water tank.

AquaMist IFP is compatible with and suppression systems to protect the hood area, fines box and exhaust stacks of industrial cookers.

Tyco Extends Fire Protection Portfolio with Small-scale Industrial Fryers Application

AquaMist IFP solution

“Our new AquaMist IFP for small-scale fryers is flexible enough to protect the smallest industrial fryer applications and offers cost savings to both users and insurers. The new system enables manufacturers to select the most suitable solution for their project requirements,” comments Alex Palau Bosch, Product Manager, Water Mist.

Out of several industry verticals, food manufacturing has been identified as a top priority when it comes to fire safety solutions. The requirements of food manufacturers can be challenging and the stand-alone applications of AquaMist IFP have been designed to meet these needs; it can protect even the smallest industrial fryer applications and, according to Tyco, offers cost savings to users and insurers.

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