fire protection

Fire Protection Strategy: A Barbour Director’s Briefing

Download this free Director's Briefing from Barbour EHS, covering some of the key points of the Fire Safety Order and recommendations for employers. Read More

A beginner’s guide to passive fire protection

A guide to everything you need to know about passive fire protection, including whose responsibilty it is, and the products involved. Read More

Just 15% of newly-built schools in the UK are fitted with sprinklers

iHASCO, a provider of health and safety eLearning, is urging education institutions to tackle fire hazards with the launch of its updated Fire Awareness course, as reported on SHP. Read More

High-tech solutions that protect data centres from fire

How do we protect data centres, that are getting ever larger, from the risks of fire? Boud van Beurden from Chubb explains. Read More

Tyco Extends Fire Protection Portfolio with New Offering for Small-Scale Industrial Fires

The newly approved industrial fire protection solution also does not require electricity supply or even a separate water tank. Read More

BAFSA, FIA and IWMA Announce Water Mist Seminar and BAFSA Releases Download on Sprinklers in Student Accommodation

Taking place at the BRE in Watford on 8 March 2016 the UK Water Mist Seminar is a free one-day event. Read More

Third-Party Accreditation: the Fast-Track to Fire-Protection Quality

Richard Paine, product marketing manager for Notifier by Honeywell, urges responsible persons to hire only firms with appropriate third-party accreditation. Read More

First National Qualification for Sprinkler Installers Wins Approval

The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) has received approval for a Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation (QCF). Read More

IFSEC-Euralarm Conference Revisited: Safe, Secure and Resilient Smart Cities

A recap of the insights imparted by speakers from Euralarm, Siemens and Memoori, among others, into the challenges and opportunities posed by smart technologies to urban environments in the 21st century. Read More

Roundtable on Fire Engineering in Modern Steel Structures: Key Recommendations

An industry debate has taken place that set out to clarify where responsibility for fire protection should fall in construction of steel buildings. Read More

FIA Market Conditions Review Reveals Rising Tender Prices – But Margins still Squeezed

The fourth edition also reveals again that FIA members outperform non-members when it comes to invitations to tender. Read More

EAPFP’s Niall Rowan to Chair Task Group on European Fire Protective Products

The European Association for Passive Fire Protection's technical officer has been given a remit to create harmonised European product standards for several product groups. Read More

Tyco Fire Protection Products Q&A: DDS Duct Deluge System, AquaMist and the TN-25 Nozzle

A top engineer and the company's director of marketing EMEA discuss its latest products designed for steel manufacturing, coal power generation and other extreme environments. Read More

Sixth Century Roman Cathedral Enjoys 21st-Century Fire Protection Thanks to Advanced

Advanced can certainly count the Hagia Sofia among their more interesting clients. Read More

Fire Safety in Cutting-Edge Architecture: Defining Responsible Persons From Design to Occupation

With steel structure design increasingly complex, keeping building occupants safe is growing more challenging too. Read More

EAPFP Urges More Conformity With EC Marks Across Europe

The existence of national conformity marks is undermining Europe-wide progress on fire safety, EAPFP members heard at a November meeting in Dublin. Read More

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