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Luke is Director of Digital & Content for UBM EMEA London, the media business behind IFSEC Global and IFSEC live events.
January 3, 2017

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Allegion Plc is a provider of security products and solutions for homes and businesses. It makes 31 global brands, including CISA, Interflex, LCN, Schlage and Von Duprin

Latest Allegion articles

Morphean platform unlocks the intelligence in cloud-based access control

SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH, part of the Allegion group – a global leader in digital locking and physical access control systems – has entered a technology partnership in Europe with Morphean.

Vanderbilt SMS is integrated with Allegion’s Von Duprin remote undogging (RU) and monitoring (RM) options

The integration means Vanderbilt’s SMS can now extend to secondary doors in a variety of markets, including enterprise, schools and university facilities.

S2 Security and Allegion announce Schlage NDE wireless locks integration

The integration offers users real-time monitoring capabilities using S2 NetBox access control system for Schlage NDE wireless locks.

“IoT can be a force multiplier for physical access control”: Q&A with Allegion CEO

Dave Petratis, the president, chairman and CEO of Allegion, joins IFSEC Global in conversation about his own company’s IoT-angled direction of travel and potential applications for the internet of things on the wider industry.

Mooted Allegion-SimonsVoss Merger Reflects Growing Demand for End-to-End Security Solutions, says IHS

Should the acquisition get the nod from the German Bundeskartellamt it would create the second-largest access control player in the EMEA region.

Allegion to Acquire Zero International to enter the Doors and Construction Market

Allegion plc, a global security products and solutions provider, through Schlage Lock Company, has planned to acquire Zero International Inc.

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