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June 1, 2016


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Benchmark Innovation Finalists 2016: Video Surveillance Software

This is the second of our previews of Benchmark’s Innovation Award finalists.

Following last week’s rundown of the contenders in the video surveillance hardware category, we’re now examining the shortlist for the other side of the equation: video surveillance software.

It’s a competitive field, with Milestone, Synology, Hanhwa Techwin and Wavestore the stellar names making the cut in the CCTV software category.

Watch out for access control hardware, access control software, site protection hardware, site protection software, intelligent systems, business intelligence and infrastructure between now and IFSEC International, where all finalists will be showcased in the Benchmark Innovation Lounge.

The endorsement of Benchmark Magazine is worth more than any amount of marketing hyperbole. Rigorously testing the kit to cut through inflated sales boasts, Benchmark is truly the Which Magazine of the security world.

The Benchmark Innovation Award finalists will be showcased during IFSEC International 2016, which takes place between 21-23 June 2016 at ExCeL London, in the Benchmark Innovation Lounge (stand B300). Click here to register for IFSEC International 2016.

Milestone: XProtect Corporate 2016

Designed for large-scale and high security deployments this video management system (VMS) uses a single management interface for efficient management of all cameras and other security systems, even across multiple sites. Milestone’s XProtect Corporate features interactive maps linked to alarms and includes Smart Wall and edge storage support.

First launched 15 years ago the XProtect series has long been in the vanguard for VMS innovation. Its latest incarnation achieves some real performance gains in the recording server, acording to NetworkWebcams.co.uk, while the Smart Client now supports hardware acceleration, boosting image processing in live view and playback, allowing live viewing of more, higher resolution cameras.

NetworkWebcams.co.uk are certainly impressed: “2016 is a fairly big leap after some challenges with the early 2014 versions. These changes, plus other improvements such as backwards compatibility between recording servers, improved incident handling within Smart Client, better access control and point-of-sale integration and a more streamlined trial and licensing experience will ensure that Milestone XProtect continues to be our go-to video management software.”

Milestone will be showcasing XProtect and their other video surveillance software and security solutions at IFSEC International 2016 between 21-23 June at ExCeL London (stand E750). Register here to attend IFSEC International. Once registered you can then pre-book a meeting with Milestone to take place during the show.

Synology: Surveillance Station 7.1

Surveillance Station runs on all Synology network attached storage. Benchmark has shortlisted Synology’s latest VMS partly for its intuitive interface, which allows operators to view live feeds from multiple cameras, to record and play back, manage camera settings and so on.

It is compatible with more than 3,000 IP cameras as well as major browsers and mobile devices. The database, which has been revamped with a dedicated multi-part link between host and recording servers, boosts transmission efficiency between a CMS host and recording servers and improves user experience.

Multicast support reduces the workload and bandwidth consumption when running Surveillance Station where multiple clients are viewing video feeds simultaneously. Up to 64 channels can be streamed in 720p simultaneously in live view

Support for RTSP helps developers integrate video streams into third-party systems, with a physical access controller granting control of Axis network doors.

Live View Analytics alerts are displayed for cameras not included in the Live View layout. Events can also be spotlighted on an E-map.

Surveillance Station 7.1 purports to boost the transfer speed of recordings and event information from recording servers, while revamped license management enhances stability in CMS deployments.

Adherance to ONVIF Profile G means Surveillance Station now supports edge recording on a greater range of camera models. ONVIF Profile S, meanwhile, make it easier to locate and add compliant cameras through an ‘ONVIF Search’ function.

Surveillance Station 7.1 is available for free download.

Synology will be showcasing Surveillance Station and their other CCTV software and security solutions at IFSEC International 2016 between 21-23 June at ExCeL London (stand C1400). Register here to attend IFSEC International. Once registered you can then pre-book a meeting with Synology to take place during the show.

Synology Surveillance Station 7.1

Hanwha Techwin: Pre-loaded apps

Hanwha Techwin – formerly Samsung Techwin – has expanded its open platform model to include cameras supplied with pre-loaded third party applications – negating the need to download them. Apps include automatic number plate recognition, video analytics, storage management, people counting, intruder detection, perimeter protection applications and specialist retail analytics software.

Hanwha Techwin announced in September last year its intention to sell its WiseNetIII open platform camera range with applications already incorporated (these cameras are being showcased at IFSEC 2016).

Explaining the move Dan England, head of prtnerships for Hanwha Techwin Europe, told IFSEC Global: “Our decision to do this is based on enhancing Samsung’s reputation as a brand that can always be trusted to look for ways to not only make it easier for customers to deploy our video surveillance solutions, but also for them to achieve maximum return on investment. In this respect, open platform is an exciting game changer which we are determined to help customers take advantage of.

“By pre-loading software which we have fully tested and evaluated, we will be saving installers, systems integrators and users, considerable time and effort in having to research the fast growing list of available Applications. Plus, because we have worked very closely with the respective developers of the Applications, customers can be assured of a seamless integrated solution that is easy to configure.”

Hanwha Techwin will be showcasing its WiseNetIII range of cameras with pre-loaded apps and their other CCTV cameras at IFSEC International 2016 between 21-23 June at ExCeL London (stand C1400). Register here to attend IFSEC International. Once registered you can then pre-book a meeting with Hanwha Techwin to take place during the show.

Mobotix: MxManagementCenter

MxManagementCenter from Germany surveillance brand Mobotix – which was acquired by Konica Minolta in March – allows operators to sort and structure devices into various groups and layout views, export video as an overview or zoomed part of the image in numerous formats (mxg, avi etc), different resolutions, frame rates, virtual PTZ views or special views independent from export source.

MxMC, which runs on PC, Mac and Linux and accommodates H264/ONVIF-compatible cameras, can dewarp hemispheric fisheye views. Images can be tracked by keyboard, mouse or trackpad.

MxMC can interact with third-party IP devices and supports the addition of hyperlink buttons for integration of devices like IOs or home servers and MxBus modules via MOBOTIX cameras.

MxMC supports all hemispheric display modes, high-level image alignment with panorama correction and comfortable tracking, even through the camera’s zero point ‘nadir’.

Wavestore: Wavestore VMS 5.52

Wavestore VMS 5.52 is available in three variants. The software, which is open platform, incorporates a ‘boost pre-record’ feature configurable for recording pre-alarm or event images at a higher frame rate. Mmetadata search options and  simultaneous searching of multiple channels are two other major selling points.

Mindful of growing demand for integration between building systems Wavestore has introduced Active Directory support to simplify management with access control, wider IT infrastructure and other systems. Users can register as members of a Wavestore group within the Active Directory, and the software will then refer to group permissions when a user logs in.

“Version 5.52 is intended to make it even easier for users to unlock the full potential of a video surveillance system,” said Julian Inman, product manager at Wavestore, upon launch of the latest iteration. “It includes a wide range of features to ensure that our VMS is even more user-friendly, such as various improved metadata search options and the ability to simultaneous search multiple channels. There is also improved audio and joystick support, as well as added server group functionality.”

Wavestore VMS 5.52

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