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June 20, 2018

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IFseC 2018

BT Redcare unveils next generation of alarm signalling products at IFSEC 2018

BT Redcare launched four new products on day one of IFSEC 2018.

The alarm signalling provider says the new systems are faster to install than previous models and feature end-to-end encryption to keep connections secure. A new customer app, meanwhile, gives users notifications and remote control and an app launched for installers simplifies the setup process.

Mindful of the growing importance of sustainability, BT Redcare also says they used less plastic in the manufacturing process, while the products use less power to cut energy bills as well as environmental impact.

All four new products can be used for other types of monitoring too, for instance for gas leaks or flooding.

Available to order from November 2018, the new products have been designed with customer feedback in mind, says the company.

“The four new products are packed with features, are more cost-effective and are far easier to install.” John Ware, general manager for fire and security, BT Redcare

The new products:


Aimed at low- to medium-risk sites, Essential is an entry-level product for security systems that is notable for its small size.

The single-path Essential product, which has a  roaming 4G mobile connection, has a simple push-button setup to get it up and running fast.


This dual-path system is also aimed at low- to medium-risk sites. It combines an IP connection with a 4G dual-SIM mobile path, one of which is for roaming. If your needs change you can upgrade to a higher level of protection.

Advanced Extra

This dual-path signalling system boasts faster response times and enhanced monitoring, with BT Redcare promising that they’ll know about any faults within 180 seconds. Aimed at medium- to high-risk sites.


Suitable for high-risk environments too, the Ultimate product has all the features of Advanced Extra, plus a private IP connection backed by 4G dual-SIMs. A built-in broadband hub is the eye-catching innovation here, working with both copper and fibre connections. Enhanced monitoring means BT Redcare will know about any faults within 90 seconds.

A panel backup battery provides peace of mind and ongoing coverage even during a power cut.

Like Advanced extra, it includes a built-in broadband hub and dual sims.

John Ware, general manager for fire and security at BT Redcare, told me on day one of IFSEC 2018: “The four new products are packed with features, are more cost-effective and are far easier to install. It’s the first time in this industry where you cant see the circuitry, they have standard screw type heads to make it easier for installers. It’s the smallest alarm signalling kit available today. And the Ultimate and Advanced Extra are the only products available today with the broadband hub built in.”

BT Redcare is exhibiting at IFSEC International, 19-21 June 2018, ExCeL London. You can find them on stand F210. Register now.

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