Izzy Boardman

Journalist, IFSEC Global

June 12, 2018

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CSL to demo new product CSL Router as part of ‘Show Me How’ programme

CSL will be showcasing demos of its newly launched product, CSL Router, as part of the inaugural ‘Show Me How’ programme at IFSEC 2018.

The team of product specialists will be on the CSL stand from 19-21 June. To make them easy to spot they will all be wearing blue ‘Show Me How’ badges. Go up to the CSL Show Me How team at any point and request a demo or ask any technical questions you may have.

Meet the CSL team


Left to right: John Coleman, Key Accounts Manager Midlands & North and Andy Bromley, Strategic Product Manager


Left to right: Dave Willets, Key Accounts Manager South and Ian Hardisty, Key Accounts Manager North

Demo information

Here’s more information about CSL Router and what to expect from the demos on CSL’s stand E410. Demos will be available throughout IFSEC and upon request from a CSL team member.

What is the product: CSL Router is a fully encrypted and GDPR ready Router.

What are its applications: CSL Router provides installers with a rapid deployment opportunity for CCTV, HVAC, Electronic Article Surveillance, Access Control, payment terminals and many more applications.

What you will learn: At IFSEC 2018, installers will be able to find out just how easy it is to install CSL Router for instant 4G connectivity for a device. The pre-configured Router can overcome the logistical challenges and cost implications associated with getting a wired broadband service in place. Alternatively, it can upgrade and fully encrypt an existing wired broadband service with the addition of a backup 4G SIM.

The CSL team will show installers how easy it is to connect CSL Router to a device via a mobile network, a cable or Wi-Fi. Visit CSL on Stand E410 at IFSEC 2018 to discover more.   

More Show me How profiles:





Full Show Me How Programme

Look out for Show Me How badges across IFSEC

Wherever you see a designated technician or enabler wearing a Show Me How badge, you can expect a detailed explanation – not a sales pitch – of their product, so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the workings behind it – from how to install it, how to maintain it and what it can do.

Where: Show Me How Badges will be worn be technicians and enablers across all zones on the exhibition floor.

For more information about IFSEC’s Show Me How programme see here. And if you’ve yet to book your free admission ticket for the event you can do that here.


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