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October 31, 2018

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The Video Surveillance Report 2021

"Parliament has a right to know"

WATCH: Deal or no deal, Brexit seems likely to undermine border security

The Border Force chief and a top Home Office official have been accused of  “not being straight” with MPs about the ramifications of a no-deal Brexit.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper said to the Home Affairs Committee, which she chairs: “Surely parliament has the right to know…whether or not there is going to be less security information available to our Border Force officers when making a decision about whether or not to let somebody in the country.”

From Europol membership to the Schengen Information System, the UK will likely – to some degree or other – lose access to, or influence over, multiple collaborative security tools when it leaves the EU.

The video below examines some of the crime-fighting tools, bodies and agreements at stake as the UK inches ever closer to exiting the world’s largest trading bloc without a deal.

For more in-depth expert analysis of the EU framework, read the report Securing UK borders: An examination of the implications of leaving the EU for UK border managementby London First. This followed an earlier report by the Security & Resilience Network that examined the Security and Resilience Implications of Brexit.

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