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IFSEC Global’s most read in security: 2021 edition


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December 16, 2021


Whitepaper: Enhancing security, resilience and efficiency across a range of industries

Often underappreciated, the security profession has once again been integral to ensuring the protection and safety of people, businesses and assets this year. Whether it’s protecting remote workers from cyber-threats, or working with businesses to ensure they are complying with CCTV regulations, roles and practices have continued to evolve throughout 2021. 

Here at IFSEC Global, we kept readers on top of the latest trends and best practices to support professionals in their jobs. Yet, what caught the eyes of our readers the most? Below, we explore the most read articles related to the security industry this year. Simply follow the links to read on!

Security most read articles 2021

1.Revealed: The IFSEC Global influencers in security and fire 2021

In July, IFSEC Global revealed the IFSEC Global influencers in security 2021. 

2. How 5G is set to impact video surveillance and the wider physical security industry 

Ron Alalouff examined the impact 5G would likely have on physical security.

5G-SecurityIndustry-SmartCities-213. Changes to the training needed for an SIA licence

In February, the SIA set out changes to the training applicants need to take before obtaining an SIA license. These changes came into place in April and October this year. 

4. 5 access control trends for 2021

In late 2020, Michael Gips, offered his predictions for trends set to shape the world of physical access control in 2021 and beyond. 

5. Doctor could receive a £100k pay out after claiming neighbour’s Ring doorbell was too ‘intrusive’

In October, a 45-year-old man was faced with a £100k fine after a judge ruled his Amazon-owned Ring smart doorbell broke data laws and breached security. 

6. 4 cyber security trends set to influence remote working in 2021

In December 2020, Gregory Hendricks, examined why remote working would continue to influence trends in the cyber security market in 2021. 

7. The rise of body-worn cameras in security, retail and healthcare

Ron Alalouff examined the growth of body-worn video in sectors such as security, retail and healthcare.

8. Who is responsible for protecting physical security systems for cyber-attacks?

In January, James Willison explored the various opinions in the sector following the results of a poll on cyber security.

9. G4S set for takeover by American firm, Allied Universal 

From 16th March 2021, shareholders from UK security Group, G4S, approved a £3.8bn takeover by rival American firm, Allied Universal. 

10. Engineers of Tomorrow and WorldSkills UK winners announced for 2021!

In November, IFSEC Global announced the winners of WorldSkills UK for Electronic Security Systems and Engineers of Tomorrow in fire. Plaudits to all the competitors and winners! 


11. Counter drone tactics: Which drones are a real threat, and which aren’t? 

In February, Jeffrey Starr, offered advice on what to look for when assessing drones that may cause a genuine security or safety risk.

12. Revealed: The UK’s most-watched cities

In November 2020, IFSEC Global revealed which UK cities had the most CCTV surveillance. 

13. How video analytics is improving operations and safety in logistics and manufacturing 

In May, Anton Wintersteller, explored how AI and video analytics in surveillance cameras are being used to improve manufacturing and logistics processes.

14. A guide to LPS 1175: Ensuring physical security protection products are up to standard

In January, IFSEC Global outlined why LPS 1175 certification is so highly regarded in the global physical security sector, the testing processes involved and the theory behind the standard.

15. An overview of video analytics in security

Read our useful guide to video analytics, covering what we mean by the term, how they’re delivered, a short history and the benefits they provide for end-users.

16. PSTN switch-off: What does this mean to security installers?

In February, Nick Whiting, explored why installers hold the keys to the UK’s safety and security, and how the PSTN switch-off was set to impact them.

17. Powerful video and radar surveillance helps to protect United States’ northern border

In March, Ron Alalouff reported on how an increasing number of remote video surveillance towers utilising AI and radar were being deployed to help counter illegal activity on the US-Canada border. 

VideoSurveillanceReport-FullPage-2118. Opening moves in new UKCA marking scheme face challenging timelines for fire and security markets          

In February, Hunter Seymour assessed the impact of the UKCA marking scheme – replacing CE marking in the UK following Brexit  – on the fire and security sectors.

19. The global microchip shortage: How is it impacting the fire and security industry

In November, Ron Alalouff reported on the impact the global microchip shortage is having on the fire and security industry.

20. How businesses can ensure they comply with CCTV regulations 

In July, following an incident involving Matt Hancock, Chris Price, reported on the need for businesses to ensure they are using CCTV legally and that any footage recorded is securely kept.

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