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December 12, 2017

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Genetec launches Airport Sense analytics for airport operations

Genetec has launched Airport Sense, an analytics platform that uses information from security cameras and sensors to provide operational insights.

The technology enables a more in-depth understanding of airport operations and passenger flow to create a better experience for flyers from drop-off to take off.

The latest offering in Genetec’s Airport Practice group, it uses data provided by an airport’s existing security infrastructure, including cameras, sensors and other detection hardware, to produce intelligence about airport security, operations, and passenger flow.

Accessing and analysing structured and unstructured data from these various potential security information sources, lets airports provide more levels of security.

“Airports are now thought of as ‘small cities’.” David Lenot, Airport Practice group leader, Genetec

Usually, these hubs tend to rely on standalone, unconnected systems to manage passenger flow and security. But by analysing and correlating data provided by multiple points, like video surveillance cameras, access control hardware, and Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, Airport Sense gives airport security and operations managers, business analysts, and airport executives, a more in-depth picture of what is taking place across their facilities.

Informed decisions

Having this type of data available lets those involved in airport operations make timely, informed decisions to improve the experience of passengers and increase revenue for duty-free, retail, and food services in airport terminals.

Airport Sense combines and processes correlative data to help airport managers understand how passengers progress from parking areas, to check-in desks, to security, to restaurants and stores.

Analytics, such as queue detection and delays, heat mapping, directional analysis, and people counting, enables Airport Sense to identify hindrances to the flow of passengers in airport terminals.

“Today, air travel is much more than just transporting a passenger from one place to another,” said David Lenot, Airport Practice group leader at Genetec. “Airports are now thought of as ‘small cities’, and must provide a safe and efficient experience, from parking, check-in, and exposure to world-class shopping and dining.”

Airport Sense is compatible with Genetec’s Security Center and Mission Control platforms, which provides collaborative decision and event management. Used together the three systems allow airports to devise flexible and comprehensive strategies for security, operations and commercial aspects of these hubs, providing a common set of tools and data for different stakeholders and personnel working in airports.

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Ed English
Ed English
December 12, 2017 11:39 pm

Combine with ELERTS See Say Airport app with its Attention Engine camera location determination for outstanding security intelligence!