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November 1, 2023


Whitepaper: Enhancing security, resilience and efficiency across a range of industries

transport security

UK expertise in transport security outlined in Government Defence brochure

In an initiative from UK Defence and Security Exports, part of the Department for Business and Trade, the UK Government has launched a brochure on the UK’s offering to improve the security of transport networks.  

The brochure, published in late September 2023, is designed to set out the UK security sector’s strengths to overseas buyers who are seeking to strengthen the security of their transport networks.

The document highlights the areas of expertise the UK security industry can offer, from the safety of passengers who are travelling on transport as well as the security and protection of cargo and goods in transit.

It expands on the solutions available across aviation, rail, road and port networks including perimeter security, preparedness and situational awareness as well as command control and communication.

In the brochure’s ministerial introduction, Minister of State for the Department for Business and Trade, Lord Johnson of Lainston CBE, outlined his view on the importance of transport security saying: “It is vital to ensure that transport networks, whether air, rail, road or maritime are secure so that citizens can move around freely without concerns for their safety, and that economic prosperity is maintained through the continued free flow of legitimate goods.

“These factors matter to countries around the world, and both the public and private sectors are looking for solutions to potential threats in a security landscape that is rapidly changing.”

The brochure includes chapters covering:

  • Perimeter security
  • Search and screening
  • Command control and communication
  • Cyber security
  • Preparedness and situational awareness

Read the full brochure here: Transport security: an introduction to UK capability

Industry perspective 

The British Aviation Group, the representative body for British companies involved in aviation and airport development and operations, provides an overview of managing risks in the brochure saying: “Having a clear understanding of the threat is crucial to inform the development of a risk-based and proportionate security response.

“This process requires a robust and tested methodology and, conducted properly, will establish risk tolerance, and provide the basis for collaborative engagement and stakeholder buy-in.

“Work with security professionals who can advise on the best methodologies and develop a scenario-based approach to assessment, so that the likelihood of a threat is assessed based on intent and capability, together with the worst-case consequences.

“Going through this process will also involve identifying critical assets, and will provide an understanding of critical assets and will provide an understanding of inherent mitigations and, most importantly, the residual risks.”

Several case studies from transport security companies are also outlined in the brochure, including from TETRA, Capita, Northern Rail, Forsberg Services, SCJS, PELA Systems and Securi Clad.

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