May 2, 2017

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Want a Future-Proof Cyber Security Strategy? Look at Physical Security Now

Axis Communications download: Protecting your IP camera network

Concern about cyber crime via IP cameras is real. And there’s no magic bullet – no single solution for staying safe.

Effective cyber security is about assessing risks and consequences and taking appropriate steps. It’s about products, people, technology and ongoing processes. And about partnering with a supplier that’s prepared to support you at every level.

Three layers of protection

Like all effective security, cyber security is about the depth of your defense. It’s about appropriately protecting your IP camera network at every level – from the products you choose and the partners you work with to the requirements they – and you – set.

Layer 1: Security management – apply the security controls you need

Your first layer of defense is choosing network video products with built-in protection: We make sure you can apply the security controls you need to mitigate the threats you face. For example:

  • AXIS Camera Management tool makes it easier and more cost efficient for you to implement security configurations, update passwords and deploy patches.
  • Axis products support encryption and certificate management so you can control access to your network.
  • Axis products are based on an open platform, which means they’re vetted for vulnerabilities by thousands of independent developers.

Layer 2: Vulnerability management – best practices timely response and transparency

Axis applies cyber-security best practices in the design, development and testing of our products to minimize the risk of flaws that could be exploited in an attack. When critical vulnerabilities are discovered we fix them promptly and issue security advisories. The result is your second layer of defense.

Best practices. We’re continuously assessing, improving and applying best practices around cyber security. These include: Design and architectural reviews, Code reviews, Testing for known vulnerabilities

Responsiveness and transparency. Occasionally a new critical vulnerability may be discovered. In such cases, we guarantee speedy response, transparency and free upgrades and patches:

Layer 3: Learning and collaboration – understanding and mitigating risks

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to cyber crime, your third layer of defense is a good understanding of the threats you face, their potential costs and how to protect yourself. We share our knowledge of cyber risks and how to mitigate them in a number of tools and papers that will help you put effective safeguards in place:

  • Download our e-book for an introduction to how you can improve your cyber health – ten best practices for a healthy network
  • The Axis Hardening Guide is a detailed hands-on guide for integrators and IT departments with concrete recommendations for system hardening.
  • Visit the Axis product security website for up-to-date news and advisories as well as useful documentation.


Free Download: Cybersecurity and physical security systems: how to implement best practices

Discover the five-step process for strengthening your cyber and physical security systems with this free resource from Vanderbilt. Learn how to choose the right equipment to stay diligent and protect your systems against cyberattack, and learn what cyberattacks mean in an interconnected world.

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