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June 6, 2018

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MOBOTIX to introduce Mx6 camera line with MxBus encryption against cyber-attacks

MOBOTIX is releasing a second-generation line of Mx6 cameras with integrated MxBus technology.

This two-wire cable system is encrypted against cyber-attacks.

The new x16B/x26B models of the MxBus range feature the same exterior structures as the first-generation Mx6 cameras.

This means that all of the sensor modules, mounts and system components that they contain can also be used for the latest generation of MOBOTIX cameras.

The MxBus technology is designed to withstand cyber-attacks and is based on an extended camera board. It expands camera functions by including practical additional MOBOTIX modules such as the MX-GPS-Box which is a reliable time server for a complete video system.

Within a MOBOTIX video system, Mx6 cameras without MxBus can also process and use the data from an MxBus module that is connected to a camera within the same network. For example, they can access the time signal from a GPS-Box or activate their own recording through MxMultiSense modules placed at the ceiling of a room via MxMessageSystem.

The systems provided by MOBOTIX are designed to withhold the harshest of conditions and environments, ranging from assisting scientists in the North Sea to greeting climbers on the peak of Mount Everest.

MOBOTIX is exhibiting at IFSEC International, 19-21 June 2018, ExCeL London. You can find them on stand C310. Register now.

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