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August 23, 2018


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Panasonic, Paxton and Inner Range among winners of Benchmark Magazine Innovation Awards 2018

Benchmark Magazine has announced the winners of its Innovation Awards 2018.

The publication rigorously tests hardware and software under a range of conditions to see how it matches up to the manufacturer’s marketing claims and fulfills the needs of today’s security teams.

Find out below which brands triumphed across 10 categories – spanning video surveillance, access control, site protection, business intelligence and cybersecurity.

Read the full verdicts from Benchmark Magazine.

Site Protection (Software): Panasonic – WV-ASF950

What is it? Deep-learning driven facial recognition server software.


  • Faces at an angle up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down, and those partially hidden by sunglasses, have been accurately detected during trials.
  • Deep learning algorithm and similarity calculation method suppresses errors 
  • ‘iA’ (intelligent Auto) mode automatically adjusts settings for capture of optimal images
  • Used with Panasonic’s i-PRO Extreme series network cameras only the most suitable images are transmitted to the server for facial recognition
  • cameras equipped with iA function will ensure image analysis is performed at camera instead of server – slashing server and network loads
  • Supports up to 30,000 faces (with optional expansion pack)
  • Integrated with i-PRO monitoring enables facial recognition and video surveillance systems to use same GUI
  • Plans to add recognition of partially covered faces by end of 2018


Site Protection (Hardware): Axis – AXIS D2050-VE

What is it? Network-connected radar detector developed primarily for medium-sized industrial installations.


  • Senses approaching people and vehicles and provides fast and effective intrusion notifications
  • Operates in extreme environmental and weather conditions
  • Horizontal detection coverage over a 120 degree field of view, with maximum sensing range of 50 metres
  • Can show angle of movement and velocity of a target
  • integrated with video applications, it enables alarm filtering based on distance and customisable detection zones
  • AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ cameras
  • Additional alarm verification where cameras with video motion detection and intelligent video analytics are deployed
  • Track moving objects with PTZ cameras
  • Radar-based sensors can cover wider areas than perimeter protection options like thermal imagers and longer range than passive infrared sensors (PIRs)
  • Minimises nuisance alarms triggered by spiders, small animals, moving shadows and light reflections
  • Can be configured to trigger video recordings (both at the edge or at a central server), activate an audio device, switch lighting for a deterrent effect or improve visibility on adjacent cameras, automate gates and barriers, and so on
  • Open interface, can be used as a standalone product

Video Surveillance (Software): Cathexis – CathexisVision 2018

What is it? Latest version of the South African manufacturer’s VMS, available in four variants: Lite, Core, Professional and Premium.


  • Supports 48 cameras and single server for Lite and Core, up to 150 cameras with unlimited servers for Professional, and unlimited cameras and servers with Premium package
  • All versions support VMD (IVA is a licensable extra) and ANPR, plus event management and alarm handling functions
  • Open platform with direct integrations with most leading camera brands plus several panoramic cameras and edge-based devices
  • Server package for system management and client for connection
  • Simple set-up wizards guide engineers through set-up
  • Licensing is simple to install and maintain, and is fully scalable and upgradeable
  • Copy and paste settings across multiple cameras
  • If devices perform similar actions on event triggers, event templates can be set up for application of actions to multiple triggers
  • Adjacent Camera Mapping for tracking suspects across multiple cameras
  • Plus: Snap Search, Motion Search and Activity Trails

Video Surveillance (Hardware): Hikvision – DeepinView Cameras

What is it? DeepinView IP Camera Series uses deep learning algorithms to boost intelligence of edge devices.


  • Deep learning algorithms support multi-level programming and high-speed GPU processors for superior processing, video content analytics (VCA) performance and computational analysis of large sets of complex data
  • Edge-based processing in video surveillance systems
  • Detects people while filtering out other objects and movements within a scene
  • Facial recognition modelling can be easily added to a variety of applications
  • Accurate visitor information can boost profitability, aid compliance with health and safety policies and automate site management
  • People counting analytics can monitor foot traffic through a defined space, or count number of people inside a venue at any given time
  • Traffic monitoring and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) can be deployed
  • DeepinMind NVRs and analytics servers can be integrated

Access Control (Software): Inner Range – Integriti V18

What is it? Integrated security, access control and building automation. Scalability “makes it ideal for small sites, mainstream applications and campus-style or distributed multi-site organisations.”


  • Modular design, so integrators and installers can ‘mix and match’ to keep costs low
  • Integrators reuse legacy cabling or deliver dedicated security network
  • Users can control access and egress, set and unset alarms, monitor movements of people and assets, control elevators or HVAC systems based upon occupancy and security permissions
  • All system elements managed from one front end via Windows-based software.
  • Monitor and control traffic around the site, including personnel and vehicles.
  • Permissions configurable for a wide range of criteria
  • Combines access control data with management and reporting of alarms – in contrast to many rival systems
  • Real-time audit trail to help fulfill compliance/regulatory obligations
  • Useful for lockdowns or evacuations
  • Remote connectivity supported via iOS and Android apps
  • All system components – like video surveillance, biometrics, fire detection, asset tracking, personnel protection, lighting, HVAC – managed from a single interface

Access Control (Hardware): Paxton – Net2 Entry Premium Monitor

What is it? Interior monitor for use with Paxton’s plug-and-play door entry system. Delivers a personalised user experience with visually impressive aesthetics that more closely resemble the look of consumer and internet of things devices than commercial security hardware.


  • Slim monitor with simple user interface and glass touchscreen
  • User can add a photograph or company logo for monitor’s integral camera. Up to 25 background themes and two screensavers available
  • Concierge function. If a caller is missed, enhanced call administration provides a video snapshot and event log of visitors
  • Broadcast-based messaging to all monitors from concierge monitor
  • Do not disturb’ feature
  • Built-in digital video camera with audio functionality for two-way communication between visitors or concierge
  • Simple integration with a doorbell input
  • A line-out connection is available for use with a T-Loop antenna for users with hearing aids. High contrast theme available for easy to read screen
  • Available with or without handset, monitor can be wall-mounted or fitted with a simple desktop stand
  • User-friendly interface with help pages for configuration and operation
  • PoE means no dedicated power supply is required
  • Easy to install and set up

Intelligent Systems: IPS – AnalyticsManager V8

What is it? Web-based system for creation of a centrally managed solution to boost performance of IVA options for myriad applications.


  • Array of IVA options for understanding and responding to situations rapidly
  • Centralised management and simple integration with a wide range of certified video analytics modules. ‘zero integration’ interface makes implementation straightforward and allows the software to provide a video stream with overlaid metadata for display on any third-party VMS.
  • Configure and operate analytics without requirement for in-depth technical knowledge
  • 13 edge- or server-based analytics modules, including IPS Loitering Detection
  • All IPS analytics have a GUI for intuitive configuration
  • Definition of object size means only people are detected.
  • Filters for reliable detection and maintaining high accuracy in adverse weather conditions

Business Intelligence: AI Tech – AI Retail

What is it? Video analytics platform with six modules that provides commercial rather than security benefits. Retailers can garner business intelligence, optimise retail space and queue management, understand customer preferences, and optimise employee shifts, product placements.


  • Can often be used with legacy security hardware
  • Available as edge-based application installed directly on cameras, server-side program installed on server with compatible VMS, or embedded solution integrated in AI-Appliance box supplied by A.I. Tech.
  • AI-People can be employed in transit areas or gates and is linked to a virtual line detection algorithm. This plugin counts the number of persons crossing this line in a given direction.
  • AI-Crowd can be deployed in crowded areas where people stop or move slowly, determining queueing situations.
  • AI-Overcrowd detects overcrowding situations, raising an alarm when the number of people inside an area is too high.
  • AI-Heat classifies different areas in the store depending on the time spent in them by customers, distinguishing between the most visited areas (hot spots) and the less crowded ones (dead areas).
  • AI-Occupancy evaluates the occupancy percentage of one or more areas of interest. AI-Overoccupancy detects situations in which the occupancy percentage is higher or lower than a given threshold.
  • AI-Dash the interactive dashboard which can be viewed via web or by using a mobile app. AI-Dash allows access to all the statistical data and generates graphs and reports

Infrastructure: NVT Phybridge – FLEX Extender Kit

What is it? Long reach single-port UTP solution that delivers PoE and IP connectivity over extended distances.


  • Easy deployment of devices over distances of up to 610 metres – much longer than regular IP LAN limitation of 100 metres – eliminating need for costly repeaters and cabinets. Typical savings could be up to 40 per cent, says company
  • FLEX Extender Kits quick and easy to add
  • Plug-and-play solution means staff continue to work during migration process – avoiding down-time and business disruption
  • All IP devices supported at extended distances
  • FLEX Extender Kit includes one FLEX-Base, one FLEX-Link and relevant power supplies
  • 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet with PoE++ (up to 50W), 10/100Mbps full duplex data rate, power injection or pass-through, 610 metres at 100Mbps over 4-pair or 10Mbps over 1- or 2-pair, support for Multicast and Unicast traffic, auto-detection of data rate for maximum bandwidth and transmission distance utilisation
  • Five-year warranty
  • Handles any network data traffic, from real-time video surveillance to access control transaction and alarm notifications
  • Supports a wide range of non-security data including IoT transmissions and VoIP telephony
  • Customers can exploit modern LAN principles when upgrading to IP as they connect security and IoT endpoints to IP applications

Cybersecurity: Secure Logiq – Logical Cybercheck

What is it? Range of servers developed for the needs of the physical security market.


  • Optimised for HD video, analytics and smart video solutions
  • Can be equipped with Logiqal Healthcheck software, including Logiqal Cybercheck, which automates hardening
  • software element for its servers that expands on the integral health-checking capabilities to also include the implementation of cybersecurity.
  • Warnings and levels for reporting can be set, with notifications sent via email and SMS
  • Intelligent algorithms identify vulnerabilities and help engineer address them
  • Utility decodes protocols used by devices and delivers easy-to-understand reports
  • Network Deployment Analyser monitors server and network status, identifying vulnerabilities, and instructs integrator of best practice procedures
  • Software Security and Integrity Analyser checks operating system and applications for updates, plus blocks access points for rogue software and ensures passwords are sufficiently complex
  • CCTV Deployment Analyser identifies ONVIF devices, locking and monitoring unidentified devices
  • Dashboard uses traffic light system – green meaning the system is protected, with amber and red lights signifying moderate and severe problems

Read the full verdicts from Benchmark Magazine.

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