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March 2, 2017


Whitepaper: Enhancing security, resilience and efficiency across a range of industries

A profile of Raytec, one of the leading global suppliers of LED lighting for security applications.


Company background

Raytec was founded in 2005 and are one of the leading global suppliers of LED lighting and safety. The company provides a range of LED illuminators whether used in combination with surveillance cameras or as general area lighting.

Their mission is to improve night-time safety and the performance of CCTV systems under darkness. Raytec have two offices: one in Northumberland, England, and the other in Ottawa, Canada. All of their products are designed and manufactured in-house in the UK.

Their flagship range of VARIO illuminator have scooped a number of industry awards from events such as IFSEC, Security Essen and ISC West. Pride of place goes to the VARIO IP – the first range of network illuminators available in the market which the company says is a sign of their commitment to innovation and illumination.

Market position

The company celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2015 by hosting an International Platinum Partner conference in Newcastle Upon Tyne which was attended by 70 of the company’s key partners from around the world.

The company’s strong market position was underscored by the move last year to a bigger and more prominent headquarters. The new 30,000 sq ft premises in Ashington, Northumberland will help to support Raytec’s anticipated growth in the next few years with almost three times the amount of space it had prior to the move. The new space now houses manufacturing, R&D, software development, quality, technical support, lighting design and marketing.

Joint managing director David Lambert believes that the new move will allow them to tackle more challenging projects and provide quicker lead times for customers.

The company now sees itself as the number one LED lighting manufacturer. Business is booming too in hazardous area lighting which has seen exponential growth in the last few years.

Latest products and technology

Raytec’s most prestigious product, The Vario2 range of illuminators for video surveillance, has been enthusiastically received by the industry. Using Platinum Elite SMT LED technology, it delivers up to 236% more power and greater illumination distances from a smaller platform than Raytec’s last-generation illuminators.

The Vario2 illuminators enable video surveillance cameras to capture highly detailed images at distances of up to 500 metres from a single illuminator. Mr Lambert said that this provides more light on scene for technologies that require it such as 4K, megapixel and multi-sensor cameras.

Vario2 features a unique interchangeable lens system with hot-spot reduction technology. This is designed to ensure perfect lighting alignment and even distribution throughout the whole scene at all times.

Illuminators can be set up quickly and easily from ground level via a hand-held remote control. In addition it offers new manual programming inputs in the event of remote operation not being possible and PIN code authentication to protect access to the settings.

Spartan is a range of LED lighting for hazardous environments and promises flexible installation and low maintenance. The range consists of Infra-Red Ex LED floodlights approved for all ATEX and IEC Ex zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous area environments and UL /CSA C1D2 installations. Spartan Flood is globally certified and designed for the most extreme environments and available in three sizes, with White-Light and emergency versions also available.



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