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Jack Dutton is a freelance journalist who has written for The Guardian, Observer, T3, New Internationalist and many others. He has just finished an MA in Magazine Journalism at City University. His main interests lie in music, film, tech, science, psychology and humanitarian issues.
June 18, 2014

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Samsung Introduces Open Platform to “Change Face of IP”

Samsung“We are taking existing technology and making it efficient. We are changing the face of IP,” says Tim Biddulph, IP product manager at Samsung Techwin Europe.

The tech giants today launched Open Platform, a new feature that allows apps to be installed and stored on their cameras.

The launch of Open Platform will give retailers the opportunity to collaborate with Samsung and design apps that can be used with the cameras.

Biddulph explains why the initiative is expected to save money: “Samsung have been using business intelligence and analytics for some time, but putting this all into practice in the security world can cost a lot of money. Using apps in cameras using Open Platform reduces the cost, simplifies things and gives customers more of the incentive to use our products.”

Samsung have been working with a number of partners who want to use their new Open Platform scheme. One of their partners is the French-based editing software company, Foxstream. The company, founded in 2004, specialises in real-time video content analysis (VCA).

“Using Foxstream’s people counting software, we can do people counting on a single device. But it is also scalable, so if a server is linked up to thousands of cameras, the people-counting software can be used on all of them at once,” Biddulph adds.

Joanne Herman, marketing manager for Samsung Techwin Europe, said: “It’s always about offering the customer seamless integration. You’ve got your VMS partner and the customer has a choice. Simplicity kicks in with the zero configuration and with the edge technology, the data goes in with the camera. You don’t need services or licensing to contain the information, it’s all within the camera,”

Samsung intend to broaden the range of apps they can use on Open Platform to extend outside the security market. “Traditionally, this industry is all about security, but we can use this in things like health and safety, management process and training too,” Herman added.

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