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January 16, 2017


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Network camera launch

Samsung Wisenet P series: Hanwha Techwin launches panoramic 180° camera with H.265 and WiseStream compression

Hanwha Techwin has launched a 7.3 megapixel 180° panoramic camera as its latest addition to the Samsung Wisenet P series. Designed for monitoring large open areas with just a single camera, the PNM-9020V captures and stitches together images to create a 180° view.

Samsung PNM-9020V


Any applications requiring monitoring of large open areas.


  • Four 2MP images with 3.6mm lenses produce 180° composite images
  • easy set up: Partly thanks, says the developer, to synchronised alignment lever located in camera’s centre that raises and lowers multi-sensors in unison
  • Digital PTZ
  •  IP66- and IK10-rated for vandal-resistance and outdoor use in harsh environments
  • Digital auto tracking
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Lens distortion correction
  • bi-directional audio support
  • privacy masking
  • 12VDC, PoE capability
  • SD card slot for back-up recording in event of network disruption
  • Video analytics: heat map, virtual line, enter/exit and appear/disappear
  • Open platform DSP chipset can run edge-based video analytics
  • WiseStream, a complementary compression technology, dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to image movement. Also boosts bandwidth efficiency by up to 75% compared to H.264 technology when WiseStream is combined with H.265 compression

Hanwha Techwin says

“The PNM-9020V’s high definition and panoramic capabilities means end-users can achieve an exceptionally high return on investment (ROI), as it can perform the work of three or four standard HD cameras and so deliver significant savings on camera purchasing and installation costs,” said Tim Biddulph, head of product management for Hanwha Techwin Europe.

About Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin) is a major supplier of video surveillance solutions for IP video, analogue and hybrid CCTV systems. Founded in 1977 Hanwha Techwin has also at the forefront of advanced edge devices and video analytics platforms.


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