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June 16, 2018


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The Security Commonwealth to make debut at IFSEC with keynote panel on protecting “grey space”

Speakers from the Metropolitan Police, the Security Institute and Design Security Ltd. will represent the Security Commonwealth in IFSEC’s Keynote Arena this week. Their discussion will focus on  “grey space”, which is the term used to label undefended areas between security-protected zones.

In a grey space a criminal or terrorist can prepare for an attack feeling unobserved, safe and with a low risk of identification.  Attacks that have been initiated in grey spaces include those at Manchester Arena, Westminster Bridge, Borough Market and Finsbury Park Mosque. A recent spate of high-profile street crimes have also been carried out in these undefended areas.

In the Security Commonwealth’s keynote discussion speakers will explain how security design, security personnel and technology can help turn grey spaces into defensible spaces. They will look at how you create a perception of risk for the perpetrator planning an attack.

Joining the panel are:

  • Nick Aldworth, Chief Superintendent, National Coordinator, Protect and Prepare, Metropolitan Police, National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ
  • Chris Aldous, Director, Design Security Ltd
  • Simon Whitehouse, Director, The Security Institute

The keynote discussion will take place on 19th June from 13:00 – 13:50 in the IFSEC Keynote Arena. It’s entitled: The technical, personnel and design considerations in protecting “grey spaces”  Register for your free ticket to attend here.

What is the Security Commonwealth?

The Security Commonwealth was formed in 2014 and  is a unique body made up of 40+ security organisations, ranging from large ones such as the Security Institute to smaller ones such as the Association of Security Consultants. While all of these associations operate independently and the Commonwealth does not seek to interfere with the running of those, the aim of the Commonwealth is to provide a platform for the vast array of security associations to come together and enable a more unified strategy, as well as the pooling of resources and efforts when needed.

The organisation’s slogan ‘Stronger Together’ represents their collaborative nature and ties in with their 3 defined aims: to enhance communication, collaboration and influence. The representatives from each member organisation meet quarterly to share industry information and form strategic partnerships.

The organisation operates with a revolving chairmanship and two vice chairs to ensure consistency and fairness.

The UK security sectors – both public and commercial – are diverse and highly respected globally.  The Security Commonwealth therefore aims to capture that wide ranging diversity across the different sectors and add value to the security industry as a whole with their collaborative approach. In the future the aim is to forge links to similar organisations abroad in order to collaborate internationally and create an even larger network of security knowledge.

Chairman of the Security Commonwealth on IFSEC

Joe Connell, Chairman of the Security Commonwealth said: “We are very grateful to IFSEC for this opportunity to present for the first time at a public forum. In an ideal world, we’d like to think that policy makers, innovators and thought leaders who are thinking about security, would see the Commonwealth as a useful resource and asset to go to in the first instance to share information and answer queries.”

IFSEC International takes place between 19-21 June 2018, ExCeL London.


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