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March 22, 2016


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Sony Launches Highest Sensitivity 4K Network Camera Yet, the SNC-VB770

Sony claims to have raised the bar in the 4K market. Here are the technical specs that it believes back up this claim as well as the launch date for the SNC-VB770.



Sony has announced the launch of a network camera with what it claims is the highest sensitivity of any 4K camera yet.

Boasting low-light sensitivity of less than 0.004lx (ISO 409600) the SNC-VB770 will appeal to security professionals who need to capture details in nearly pitch-black environments.

The new bullet camera has a full-frame 35mm Exmor sensor, which Sony has developed to capture significantly more light with low noise than conventional sensors.

The SNC-VB770 supports Sony’s high performance E-mount lens series, with lens options ranging from wide angle to telephoto. The camera can be integrated into a variety of surveillance environments such as urban, transportation, police, ports and utilities.

Check out our 4K camera infographic, which compares the technical specs of ultra-HD cameras from Sony, Grundig, Panasonic and Hikvision

“The SNC-VB770 builds on Sony’s image sensor strengths and applies this expertise to new applications in the commercial video capture realm,” says Roger Lawrence, video security product manager at Sony Professional Europe. “Low-light conditions don’t only occur at night. They exist 24/7 in museums, zoos and any number of municipal and commercial areas.

“This new camera and our expanding line of 4K network models give users more options for meeting their demanding capture requirements.”

The new camera harnesses area-specific noise reduction to selectively divide images into pattern-based areas (such as edges, textures and evenly coloured areas like blue skies) to efficiently reduce noise. Detail reproduction technology enhances image quality further.

E-mount lenses are optimised to maximise performance of the 35mm full-frame sensor, keeping resolution high across the entire image area, from the center to the lens periphery.

Intelligent cropping

An ‘intelligent cropping’ feature – a function also featured in Sony’s first 4K network camera, the SNC-VM772R dome – lets users capture a full view while cropping images in its native 4K resolution from multiple images at the same time, withthree or five concurrent video streams.

In ‘static’ mode intelligent cropping reveals multiple specific areas in one scene. Users can simultaneously capture an overview image and details of the cropped areas. The other mode, ‘dynamic’, deploys intelligent motion to automatically detect, crop and track moving objects.

‘Intelligent Scene capture’ automatically adjusts and adapts brightness and colour levels depending on time, weather and lighting conditions. Operators can also customise picture parameter presets.

Multiple picture configurations can be saved and switched either manually (using the ‘picture profile’ mode) or according to schedule (‘picture profile scheduler’) to maximise picture quality

Offering four times the detail of full HD resolution, 4K cameras enable operators to widen their surveillance area without compromising their ability to capture, magnify and analyse a scene’s fine details, such as faces or car licence plates. And all this can be achieved with a single camera.

The new SNC-VB770 will be available to buy in Europe during summer 2016. Sony is inviting partners across Europe to register for an introductory product webinar on Thursday 14 April at 1pm GMT to learn more.

Sony will be showcasing the SNC-VM772R 4K network dome camera at IFSEC International 2016, which takes place between 18-21 June at London ExCeL. Register to attend here.

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