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February 8, 2021


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The Security Institute and CAPSI announce new partnership

The Security Institute and Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) of India have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote and strengthen each other’s efforts to support security professionals and raise standards across the security sector internationally.

Both organisations work closely with and for the security industry, public bodies as well as their respective Governments. The two believe this new agreement will enhance their efforts and have a far-reaching positive impact on the sector, with each organisation having strong national and international business networks.

CAPSI, similarly to the Security Institute, is playing a leadership role in the formulation of “Global Standards and Best Practices” for Private Security Industry, representing the interests of more than 22,000 Private Security Agencies (PSAs) that are managing one of the world’s largest workforce of over 9 million guardsmen and women in providing private security cover to the whole of India.

Central to this partnership is the desire to share knowledge, and both organisations will support the exchange of information between their respective members. Both organisations want to develop platforms for the international exchange of security, risk and crisis management matters.

This, in addition to connecting respective members with reliable authorities (public sector and international institutions), are both major pillars of the partnership.

Through this agreement, Security Institute and the CAPSI will collaborate to develop activities and events that will enhance the capability of the security sector on an international level.

Both organisations will co-host regular webinars and also support each other’s respective Conference’s, with the Security Institute’s held annually in October and CAPSI’s held annually in December. These are just a few of the many ways that the Security Institute and CAPSI plan to expand their expertise and create synergies through this new partnership.

Speaking on the new partnership with CAPSI, The Security Institute’s Chief Executive, Rick Mounfield CSyP FSyI said: “I had the pleasure of speaking at the CAPSI Conference in December, and I am very excited for the knowledge sharing and opportunities for collaboration that this new agreement will enable. As two membership organisations seeking to support security professionals and raise standards in the security sector, there is so much to be gained from working more closely.”

Adding to Rick’s comments, the CAPSI Chairman Kunwar Vikram Singh said: “The collaboration between CAPSI and The Security Institute is going to be a game changer for the security environment in India. It will facilitate us to set much needed benchmarks and also to develop a special cadre of highly efficient security professionals. This partnership is being appreciated by the government as well the corporate sector.”

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