WATCH: VESDA-E VEA – What benefits does addressability bring to aspirating detection?

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January 18, 2018

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Developed by Xtralis – now under the Honeywell brand – the VESDA-E VEA aspirating smoke detector (ASD) supports up to 120 individually addressable sampling points networked to a single central detector.

The VEA’s launch equipped Honeywell to argue a compelling case for the use of ASDs in a wider range of markets – in all markets in fact.

Honeywell says that VEA is the only addressable detection solution that delivers assured detection, up to 90% reduction in time to test during maintenance, no disruption to occupant’s business, and optimised response through remotely accessible actionable intelligence.

In the video below, Martin Norris, sales leader for Advanced Detection at Honeywell, reflects on the benefit of pinpoint addressability in combination with early warning smoke detection and a wide range of annunciation options.

In part one of six-part series, Norris talked about how FAAST and VESDA benefit from coexisting under the Honeywell brand.

Other episodes still to come:

  • How analytics and CCTV work together to enhance smoke detection
  • What we can look forward to from Honeywell in the coming months
  • What USPs the Xtralis brand has over its competitors
  • Why has Xtralis been so successful at winning business

We’ll be releasing a chapter a week for the next four weeks.

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