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June 12, 2018


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WATCH: Advent IM’s Mike Gillespie talks GDPR, his Tony Porter collaboration and raising security standards

The Future of Security Theatre powered by Tavcom Training and sponsored by Panasonic Business will see a number of security specialists take to the stage to deliver their expertise in video surveillance, network security and more.

Mike Gillespie from Advent IM will be presenting every day on “Raising standards; raising cyber security awareness“. In this series of videos, he talks about what to expect from his presentation, the issues the industry is facing and how important it is that everyone in the supply chain – manufacturers, installers and end users – adopts new standards to increase security within organisations and prevent attackers from having the edge.

Meet Mike

Mike is an experienced, senior information security practitioner of many years’ standing and is well versed in the threat to organisational information assets.

Having been a member of the CSCSS Global Cyber Security Select Committee for some time, he is now in the role of Vice President of C3i Group and assists the organisation in continuing to promote thought leadership and awareness to a global audience on the current threats to organisational information assets emanating from cyberspace.

Mike serves as a cyber spokesperson for the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) and serves as the Cyber Security lead for the surveillance cameras guide from the UK Government’s Surveillance Camera Commissioner.

Mike is recently retired from the board of the Security Institute where he served as Director for Cyber Strategy & Research for several years. As a subject matter expert Mike is called upon regularly to speak at events and contribute editorial, including for the BBC and The Sunday Times as well as regular industry media. He is also part of the editorial board for Professional Security Magazine.

Video 1: Working with Tony Porter to raise standards in the security industry

Here Mike Gillespie explains the work he has been doing on the advisory panel established by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter. He stresses the need to be aware of the cyber threat to video surveillance cameras and explains the key standards being implemented, including GDPR and the NIS directive.

Overall, the panel is placing education at the forefront of the project to ensure the standards are widely adopted to counteract the cyber threat.

View the full Future of Security theatre timetable.

IFSEC International takes place between 19-21 June 2018, ExCeL London.

Video 2: Security threats and awareness

Here Mike explains that the supply chain is broken and that there needs to be better knowledge transfer between manufacturers, installers and end users to ensure all parts of the supply chain are better educated on keeping systems secure.

He provides examples of recent cases of cyber attacks on CCTV systems and reveals how easy it is for cyber attackers to download software to target vulnerable systems and automate attacks.

Video 3: What to expect at IFSEC 2018

Mike will tackle all of the above issues in his talks in the Future of Security theatre across the three days of IFSEC.

Here he explains that the real emphasis of his presentation is on helping manufacturers, installers and end users to embrace the new standards and raise the bar to prevent attackers, criminals and terrorists from destroying infrastructures.

View the full Future of Security theatre timetable.

IFSEC International takes place between 19-21 June 2018, ExCeL London. Get your free ticket now.

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