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September 26, 2023


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Security patrolling robot launched to tackle security guard personnel shortage

Robotics start-up, Ascento, launches an autonomous outdoor security patrolling robot, designed for cost saving and increasing security provider business.

The company aims to provide a robotics-as-a-service solution to security companies, and announced a $4.3m funding round as well as the launch of its outdoor security patrolling robot: Ascento Guard. The autonomous robots are designed to navigate outdoor terrains with the added agility and stability of its wheeled legs.

According to the start-up, the robot has been deployed on large industrial sites and have covered over 3000 km for outdoor security this year with customers including large outdoor warehouses, industrial manufacturing and pharma campuses.

The robot is said to be able to detect unwanted people on premises, verify perimeter integrity, check that doors and windows are closed, record property lights, identify floods and fires, and control parking lots. They can move at walking speed (4.5km/h) and come with autonomous charging so that the system can be continuously in operation without human intervention.

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“Ascento does the heavy lifting”

Labour shortages has affected the security industry, as well as other industries globally, with many countries facing a 52% staff shortage of security guards. This means, the firm believes, that companies are struggling to fulfill contractual obligations or sign new business. They added that labour shortages ‘mean a lack of qualified personnel available’ to do the long shifts during anti-social hours or in bad weather.

The robot can also be hired by the hour, like a human guard, said the firm, and it includes deployment, 24/7 support, service and repairs. The Ascento App is then designed to analyse video and images with AI, integrating with existing video management systems, to offer more insightful reports for security managers.

Alessandro Morra, Co-Founder and CEO of Ascento commented: “The new Ascento Guard offers hope and a breath of fresh air for the security industry facing some pressing challenges. By supporting human security personnel with the Ascento Guard, security companies can offer a lean solution through which Ascento does the heavy lifting allowing humans to focus on the unique nuances of the work”.

Morra added: “Ascento is targeting the high operating costs the industry is enduring. The traditional approach is to use either people or fixed installed cameras. We know about the labour challenges and the installation of cameras has a huge outlay that can be complex. The Ascento Guard provides the best of both worlds, with the resilience, reliability and repeatability of technical solutions whilst being as flexible as human guards.”

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